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Practise Week

Practise week will run from Monday, December 28th to Thursday, December 31st.

Unfortunately, we cannot have a practice week like we normally do where members turn up at the club and throw rocks. This year you will have to reserve a ½-hour time slot in advance, as we are allowing only 12 curlers on the ice at a time.

Please Click below to go to the reservation page.

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Nov 21st, 2020

Latest Events

Frost Whetter Oaklin February 19-20, 2020 ▼

Winners! Peterborough Curling Club

l to r: Freda Latour, Christina Welton, Marina Wheeler, Mary-Ellen Bannon (Skip)

Wheelchair Curling January 2020 ▼

Pictures from a recent Kawartha League match where Lindsay's wheelchair-accessible ice enabled a team of curlers from Peterborough to compete:

Heart & Soul Ladies Bonspiel January 08, 2020 ▼

l to r: Linda Shier; Shirley Richardson; Kim Thornbury, Sponsor; Anita Allen; Judy MacLean, Skip

Denure Tours Women's Bonspiel November 20, 2019 ▼

l to r: Darlene Hockaday; Deb Wiltshire; Susan Sayer; Carol Kidd, Skip; Dorothy Denure, Sponsor

Ethel and Jeanette's Hairstyling Get Acquainted Women's Bonspiel October 30, 2019 ▼

l-r: Kerry Pomroy, Donna Paull, Judy MacLean, Anita Allen (Skip);
Sponsors: Ethel Windrem and Jeanette Finney

Awesome Moment for the Club! October 2019 ▼

We recently received this letter:
Doug and I were thrilled to meet and curl with 2 wheelchair curlers in our first Mixed league game of the season last Friday October 25. I decided to take this photo just as we were getting underway as I thought we were marking a milestone moment in the club’s history. Both Jon and Matt have given permission to share the photo recognizing that it may be used in marketing or articles etc promoting our club. Hope this is helpful in some way!
It sure was amazing to see that the renovations really did make it possible for 2 more curlers to feel welcome at our club.
Catherine and Doug