Little Rocks, Bantam, Junior

September 2019

Welcome Curlers, Parents/Guardians to the 2019-2020 curling season.
Registration: 5:30 – 8:00 p.m., September 11 at the Lindsay Curling Club.
Practice week: October 15 – 18 (check the website for times)
Youth curling starts on Sunday, October 20, 2019

This season’s coaches are Angie and Jeff Porteous, Mike Smith, Bruce Rogers and me, Diana Rogers. Our focus is on Fun, Friendship, Etiquette and Safety while teaching curling skills that will last a lifetime. We look forward to a great season of exciting curling.


Punctuality is important: Curlers need to be at the club at least 15 minutes before curling starts. We are on the ice at 1:00p.m.
Curlers arriving late disrupt the lesson. If curlers are unable to attend, please contact me no later than the day before, as teaching schedules and teams are made up in advance.
Each week curlers will learn new skills at his/her own pace. Little Rockers will be introduced to curling using youth sized rocks and will soon advance to regulation rocks. All Little Rock bonspiels use full size rocks.

SAFETY ON THE ICE IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST. No running or swinging of brooms. Any unsafe behaviour will result in a time out for the curler(s). Our coaching team will be on hand to assist curlers during each week’s skill/drill and during a fun game. The aim is to play at least 4 ends. We will encourage our youngest curlers to join the more experienced curlers in a friendly game.

Equipment: We would prefer if curlers could provide their own shoes, slider/gripper, and broom. Through the generosity of the curling club membership a number of used curling shoes have been donated to our youth curlers. See if a pair fits. If you can’t find a pair of curling shoes from the donated items and don’t have your own slider/gripper, the curling club can provide weekly, a slider, gripper but supplies are limited. Monies we raised from our youth bonspiels has allowed us to buy new brooms for our youth curlers to borrow on Sundays. Two grippers need to be worn when curlers are sweeping.

Clothing: A helmet for Little Rockers is required. We suggest curlers dress in layers and wear a warm loose fitting zippered jacket or hoodie, warm socks and a toque. A pair of warm snug fitting gloves with leather palms if possible (no hockey gloves). The leather palms help curlers hold onto the broom when sweeping. No jeans please as they hold moisture and become very cold. If using a slider/gripper curlers need to bring a pair of clean indoor running shoes. Absolutely no boots or other outside footwear on the ice. We need to keep our ice clean and free of salt.

Our First Session runs from October 20 to December 15, 2019.

The Second Session starts January 5 and ends March 29, 2020.
No curling February 16 (ice maintenance) and March 1 (Men’s 3 day bonspiel)

We encourage our youth curlers to enter bonspiels. A list of outside club youth bonspiels will be posted on the board in the main lounge. And hope our curlers will enter our U-15 Bonspiel for more experienced curlers, and the Crayola Little Rock Fun Spiel for 6 – 12 year olds. This spiel is for new and non-competitive curlers. Find three curling friends to enter a spiel with you and have some fun. Entry fees apply.

Parents, we always need volunteers to help especially on bonspiel day, and in the kitchen on Sundays to make the hot chocolate (provided by the club) and please sign-up for Sunday snacks. If your youth curler is in an outside bonspiel/event, you could offer to carpool.

Welcome again. Our coaching team looks forward to an exciting season of curling. Any questions or suggestions, please call me at (705) 328-0240 or e-mail

Yours in curling
Diana Rogers
Youth Co-ordinator