May 2014 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

We have been quite busy around the club with rentals, fashion shows and preparing for the May 17th L.C.V.I. 125th Anniversary and Greenhurst Reunion Dance that had to be relocated to the Lindsay Fair Grounds as tickets sales have been so successful that the curling club could not accommodate the number of people attending the dance.

Also, near the end of the month we received great news!! The Lindsay Curling Club was successful in the their application to the Lindsay Legacy C.H.E.S.T. Fund grant. We will be using the money from the grant to complete four projects. The first project is to replace the existing rear double doors. The rear doors of the curling club are two old wooden doors that do not properly seal in preparation for the curling season. To properly seal the doors they had to be caulked and also insulated with expanding foam. In so doing the doors are difficult to open after the curling season when we prepare for rental of the playing surface such as the bi-annual Lindsay Creative Quilters Guild. The second project is to purchase an LED message board to be attached to exterior south wall. The sign will accommodate the advertising of local community events as well as Lindsay Curling Club events. The third project is to refurbish our existing scoreboards. The boards are well over 60 years old and in desperate need of a face lift. The fourth project is to remove the small grass area between the curling club and the sidewalk with pavement. This will eliminate the labour costs to maintain the grass. These improvements would not be possible without the assistance of the grant money.

I must take this time to thank Jim Scott who was instrumental in preparing and assisting in the submitting of the C.H.E.S.T. application. Thank you Jim!

Championship Night:

On Friday, April 4th we had twelve teams competing in their various league championships. Spectators were treated to an excellent display of shot making and good hearted competition. The following are the winners of the different events.

Women's Tuesday Evening Sheila Radford Memorial: Cheryl Saunders, Judy Piggott, Deb Hatch and Judy Yake

Monday/Wednesday Men's Champion (Flavelle Trophy/John Baldry): Anthony Jetten, Mark Fevang, Greg Urquhart and Brock Jones

Staples and Swain Thursday Evening "A" Event: Adrian Vander Wielen, Henry Jetten, Dan Reynolds and Anthony Jetten

MacKey Memorial Thursday Evening "B" Event: Dave Nigh, Jim Scott, Torrey Griffiths and Scott Hoar

Roblin Memorial Thursday Evening "C" Event: Lyle Cully, Rob Kerr, Jim English and Raymond Knox

Seabrook Rent-All Thursday Evening "D" Event: Lyle Cully, Rob Kerr, Jim English and Raymond Knox

There were two Playoffs that were determined before Championship Night and the winners were…

Lindsay Paper Box "E" Event: Bob Widdis, John McCrae, Bill Kennedy and Don Taylor

Kawartha Sod Tuesday Afternoon Champions: Brenda Burnett, Cheryl Saunders, Noreen Moore, Sue Ledoux and Marg Preston

Congratulations to the above teams and all the others who participated in the Playoffs and Regular Season Play. I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the sponsors listed above and as well all the sponsors of the various leagues we have at the Lindsay Curling Club for their continued support. We would also like to thank Don Harris and all the volunteers who helped out in the kitchen before and during Championship Steak Night to make it a successful night out for many members and friends. A special "Thank You" goes out to Piper Doug Morris of the "Pipes and Drums of Lindsay" who brought style and tradition to our Championship Night. Nicely done Doug! It was a great year of curling and that final night was a fitting end to the curling season.

Early Bird Registration:

Register for the 2014 - 2015 curling season and receive a chance to win your back your membership fees!! Dues must be received on or before June 1, 2014 to be eligible for the draw. The draw will be made at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, June 24th, 2014. Registration forms are available at the LCC office or see the attached forms.

Annual General Meeting:

Plan to attend the AGM on Tuesday, June 24th at 7:00 pm. Attached are the minutes of last years Annual General Meeting and also a Proxy Form. If you are not able to attend the AGM and would like to fill out the Proxy, just drop the completed form off at the LCC office and it will be passed on to President Deb Hatch to act on your behalf. A representative from BDO, most likely Alex Richardson, will give an overview of our Club Assets and Liabilities, explain some of the categories to you and answer any questions our members may have. Reports will be given by the various sections and any new business will be dealt with. Hope to see you at the meeting on the 24th.

Reminders for your Calendar:

May 17 - L.C.V.I. 125th Anniversary and Greenhurst Reunion Dance

June 1 - Deadline for Early Bird Registration

June 24 - Annual General Meeting at 7:00 pm

OCA Events:

John Baldry and Sue Ledoux, our Ontario Curling Representatives, would like to thank all the helpers at the Dominion Regalia Silver Tankard and the Women's Tankard held at LCC on March 15th. In particular, they thank Mark and his son Nathan for the predictably great ice; to Dave Nigh for his assistance, help and leadership; to Deb Hatch for organizing and running the kitchen; to her helper Finni Verbik, to Marj Smith for filling in as OCA rep.; to Bob Widdis for his bar service and finally to Grant Allman, our OCA Zone 5 Representative.

John and Sue also prepared a list of all the members from the Lindsay Curling Club who participated in OCA events over the year. It is a lengthy list and we were well represented at the events offered by the Ontario Curling Association. They wanted me to share it with you.

O.C. A. Competitions

Lindsay Curling Club Entries, 2013/14


Women Dominion Club Championship
Julie O'Neill, Lisa Jones, Susan Cully, Tracy Hiddink

Men Dominion Club Championship
Dave Nigh, Jim Scott, Terry Griffiths, Scott Hoar

Tim Hortons Master Men
Glen August, Don Harris, Frank Smith, Ralph Mutton
Larry Simms, John McCrae, Jim Scott, John Baldry, Bill Kennedy, Denis Johnson

Scotties Tournament of Hearts
Emma Joyce, Diane Jenkins, Kristine Mitchell, Lynne Joyce
Julie O'Neill, Lisa Jones, Susan Cully, Tracy Hiddink

Fairfield Marriott Challenge
Dave Nigh, Tim Raven, Mark West, Andy Hiddink
Adrian VanderWielen, Dan Reynolds, Anthony Jetten, Scott Worsley

Best Western Women's Challenge
Wendy Findlay, Marilyn Angiers, Luanne Rae, Dawn Manderson

Gore Mutual Schoolgirls
Leah Will, Audrey Wallbank, Samantha Kennedy, Brooke Findlay

Gore Mutual Schoolboys
Logan Pillsworth, Ethan Pillsworth, Matthew Metstead, Phillip Johnson

The Travelers Senior Men
Dave Nigh, Jim Scott, Lyle Cully, Scott Hoar

Best Western Intermediate Women
Wendy Findlay, Cheryl Saunders, Marilyn Angiers, Luanne Rae
Kristine Mitchell, Diane Jenkins, Lynn Joyce, Susan Cully

Best Western Intermediate Men
Mark West, Lyle Cully, Andy Hiddink, Rob Kerr
Dave Nigh, Jim Scott, Tim Raven, Scott Hoar

John Shea Insurance Mixed
Kristine Mitchell, Tim Raven, Diane Jenkins, Scott Hoar
Lyle Cully, Julie O'Neill, Rob Kerr, Lisa Jones
Mark West, Tara Stephen, Andy Hiddink, Tracy Hiddink
Emma Joyce, Isaac Breadner, Lynn Joyce, John Ireland

OCA Senior Mixed
Henry Jetten, Sue Ledoux, Dan Reynolds, Kathy Simpson
Dave Nigh, Wendy Findlay, Jim Scott, Susan Cully

Tim Hortons Colts
Mark West, Andy Hiddink, Scott Worsley, Greg Urquhart
Dave Nigh, Jim Scott, Tim Raven, Scott Hoar

Grand Masters
Lawrence Drummond, John Baldry, Glen August, Jim Hall
Bob Widdis, Paul Terrill, John McCrae, Denis Johnson

Women's Tankard
Wendy Findlay, Marilyn Angiers, Luanne Rae, Dawn Manderson
Cheryl Saunders, Kathy Simpson, Chrystal Leavens, Judy Piggott
Emma Joyce, Diane Jenkins, Kristine Mitchell, Lynn Joyce
Julie O'Neill, Lisa Jones, Susan Cully, Tracy Hiddink

Dominion Regalia Silver Tankard
Dave Nigh, Jim Scott, Lyle Cully, Scott Hoar
Henry Jetten, Dan Reynolds, Anthony Jetton, Jack Kyle
Mark West, Andy Hiddink, Scott Worsley, Rob Kerr
Tim Raven, Isaac Breadner, Greg Urquhart, Alex Barkhouse

Golf Coupon Books for Sale:

We have just 7 of the Golf Coupon Books left. The coupon book offers discounts for many local golf courses but also there are coupons for Driving Ranges, Golf Lessons, Mini Golf, Restaurants and Pubs, Sport Retail stores as well as discounts for Alpine and Cross Country Skiing. Purchase your very own Golf Coupon Book for just $30.00. For more information please contact the LCC office (705-324-3851).

Well, that's about all for now. Take care and enjoy your summer.

David Nigh