February 2015 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

We are well past the halfway mark of the curling season. In fact, we have just 9 more weeks of curling and another season will have come and gone.

February is an interesting month and has several unique attributes. In common years (years that have exactly 365 days), February can pass without a single full moon. The next time this will happen is is 2018. Once every six years, February is the only month that has four, full seven-day weeks. February starts on the same day of the week as March and November in common years, and on the same day of the week as August on leap years. February ends on the same day of the week as October every year. In leap years, it is the only month that begins and ends on the same weekday. People born on a leap year technically celebrate their birthday only once every four years, but most observe it on the 28th. February is also a time for families, especially here in Canada, where "Family Day" is celebrated on the third Monday of the month in many of our provinces. February is also an important month for sports fans, as two teams face each other in the Super Bowl on the first Sunday of February. However, despite its status as the shortest month, February is packed with many events, including "Groundhog's Day".

Groundhog Day is a day celebrated on February 2. Groundhog Day has attracted media attention over the years and its popularity continues to grow in Canada. A festival is held in the town of Wiarton in Bruce County, Ontario, to honor Groundhog Day. The town has its own groundhog, Wiarton Willie, which the town shares with the nation. Locals, fans and news reporters come out to “hear Willie’s prediction” early in the morning on February 2 each year. According to folklore, if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day, then spring will come early; if it is sunny, the groundhog will supposedly see its shadow and retreat back into its burrow, and the winter weather will persist for six more weeks. Let's all hope that it is a cloudy day on February 2nd as I, for one, has just about had enough of this winter.

Enough jibber-jabber about the month of February let's get started on what is going on in our club.

Steak Night:

Friday, February 13th is our next steak night. We have asked Randy Read, a former member and an accomplished musician, to provide entertainment that night from 8:00 - midnight. Members are reminded to sign up early so that they do not miss out on this function. Also, it makes it easier for Don Harris, who has offered to help coordinate this fund raising event, in having a better idea of the numbers to expect. There has been a sign up sheet for helpers circulating upstairs to assist our Board members; we would really appreciate help running this event. The shifts are approximately two hours and we need a few more volunteers to assist with the duties outlined on the sheet. Our club is predominately run by member volunteers and we need your help, as members, to assist with this important fund raising event.

I would like to take this time to thank Jerry Ford who organized the previous steak nights this year. He takes care of every detail no matter how small or large it may be. Thank you again Jerry!!! You and Pat enjoy the warm weather down south!!!!!

A Note of Gratitude:

In December an email was sent out to the members of the Lindsay Curling Club announcing that Lynn Joyce would not be selling any more curling supplies. I would like to thank Lynn for providing us with this service over the years and she asked that I include this note in my next newsletter.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of my customers over the past 15 years with Curling Depot. It is very much appreciated. Going forward you are still able to purchase Balance Plus Supplies directly from the company as well as many locations throughout the area. Good Curling!!

Lynn Joyce

Youth Curling Fundraiser:

We only have 12 of the curling calendars left. So, if you have not picked one up for the workshop, office or garage inquire at the LCC office or at the Bar. A sample of the calendar is posted at the bar under the clock. Proceeds from the sale of each calendar ($5.00) will go directly to our youth curling program. Each calendar is printed on high-quality glossy stock, includes colour-coded curling event listings, is bar-coded and it's illustrations display the tradition and spirit of the roaring game that we love so much!!!

Please Help Us:

At the Lindsay Curling Club we have a supply of curling equipment that is used by both our youth curling and members. The equipment, sliders, grippers, push sticks and brooms are available for anyone to use. However, it has been brought to my attention that, at times, the borrowed equipment has not been returned to where it belongs. The club brooms need to be scrubbed with a brush and returned to the hangers after use. Our grippers and sliders have to be returned to the bins that are usually kept in the coat room beside the office. By all means continue to use the club equipment but, please help us out and ensure anything borrowed is returned to it's proper location. Thank You.

Books Sale:

The Tuesday Evening Women's section has been coordinating the ongoing Book Sale at the Curling Club. We appreciate your donations of books and thank those who have bought books. Drop by the bookshelf upstairs and check out the selection. Remember you can buy a book for a buck, read it and then bring it back for someone else to buy it and enjoy some great reading. All proceeds from the book sales go to the Lindsay Curling Club.


Heart and Soul Bonspiel:
On Wednesday, January 14th we had twelve ladies teams participating in a two six end game bonspiel. The ladies were treated to a lovely lunch between their games and a good time was had by all. In first place the rink of Barb Fairbairn, Hermine Flynn, Marion Perras and Susan Bianconi. In 2nd place was the team of Nancy Graham, Terry Lenhardt, Faye Clarke and Jane Whitfield. In third place was Marg Preston, Judy MacLean, Lynn Kimmett and Sandra Widdis and in 4th place was Mary McKay/June Widdis, June Pick, Maria Bennett and Mary Keenan. Congratulations to the above teams.

Mary Auld, Nancy Graham and Bonnie Steele, the bonspiel convenors, would like to thank everyone for their help and support and especially Kim Thornbury, owner of the Heart and Soul Gifts store right here in Lindsay, for her sponsorship. Kim was very thankful for the club membership support and she is prepared to sponsor again next year. Remember to support those who support us. The bonspiel committee would also like to thank Ralph Mutton, Denis Johnston and Don Harris who served morning goodies and coffee to the ladies. A special "Thank you" goes out to Anne Rodd, Marlene Jackman and Faye Flood for overseeing the event and made sure everything ran smoothly. As always, a thank you goes out to Arol Fairbairn for acting as Drawmaster for the spiel, bartenders Bob Widdis and Gary Clarke and finally, to Mark for the terrific ice conditions.

Flex League Bonspiel:

On January 17th our Flex League league held it's annual bonspiel. All 8 teams experienced many great shots, good company, and refreshments. Congratulations to the winning rink of Kent Mitchell, Al Mitchell, Claude Chartrand, Paul Meagher and John Allen. As well, the winner of the draw to the button skills competition was Jordan Sinclair, who covered the pin with a great draw shot!!! Good curling everyone! Many thanks to our sponsors as well as our volunteers who helped out throughout the day. Events like this would not be possible without your help!

We would all like to thank Emma Joyce for organizing this day and also Lynn Joyce for looking after all the details the day of the event.

Senior Skins Spiel:
Our Seniors league had a Mini Skins Spiel on Wednesday, January 21st. There were five sheets of curlers who played two six end games using the skins format similar to that of the Skins games that was televised from Banff, British Columbia a few weekends ago. Many great shots were made and all appeared to have a tremendous time. Thanks goes out to Faye and John Flood who organized the day, Maxine Anderson who assisted with the morning coffee, goodies and set up.

Senior Men's Open Bonspiel:
On February 4th there are 24 teams coming to compete in the Lindsay Senior Men's Open Bonspiel. We have teams coming from Oakwood, Peterborough, Whitby, Annandale, Woodville, Lakefield, Cobourg, Omemee and Fenelon Falls. As well, there are six Lindsay teams taking part in this two eight-end bonspiel. It should be a great day and of course spectators are always welcome.

Frost Whetter Oaklin Ladies Spiel:
February 18th and 19th is our two day FWO Spiel. Ladies will be travelling from near and far to take part in this annual bonspiel. The first day the teams play two games to determine which event they will be playing in on the second and final day. The ladies will be treated to home hosting on the final day and of course, the highlight of the spiel, is a skit performed by members of our very own club. So, drop by and cheer on your favourite team.

Charity Bonspiels:
Humane Society Bonspiel is being held on Saturday, February 23rd. For more information regarding this spiel contact Isaac Breadner (705-341-2426)

United Way Bonspiel has been slated for Saturday March 7th. Contact Audrey Quibell (705-324-6717) for more information.

Golf Coupon Books for Sale:
I know that many of you are not thinking about golf as of yet, but we will be out on the links before you know it. Be sure to get your Golf Coupon book before the season begins or before we run out of them. The coupon book offers discounts for many local golf courses but also there are coupons for Driving Ranges, Golf Lessons, Mini Golf, Restaurants and Pubs, Sport Retail stores as well as discounts for Alpine and Cross Country Skiing. Purchase your very own Golf Coupon Book for just $30.00. For more information or to reserve your book, please contact Dave Nigh at the LCC office (705-324-3851) or see Bob Widdis at the Bar.

Special Olympics at the Men's Provincial Tankard:

Special Olympic Athletes from the Lindsay Curling Club will be participating at the Men's Provincial Tankard. These athletes, as well as others members of the Special Olympics, practice at our Club every Monday from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. Their coaches Finni Verbik, Susan Banks, June Pick and Terry Gallagher spend countless hours working with and preparing these special curlers for events such as this. We thank each of these coaching volunteers for their time, patience and effort. I asked Finni Verbik to share with us the names of these athletes and the path they had to take to get to this point .

"We are so proud of our Special Olympic athletes: Steven Jenkins, Mark Lywood, Keith Bacon and Jeffrey Smith as they will be representing Special Olympians for Eastern Ontario at the Men's Provincial Tankard in Dorchester on February 7th at 5 o'clock pm. To accomplish this was a win at the Weston Curling Club, then on to Trenton where they placed first in the" B" division.

We thank the Lindsay Curling Club members for their ongoing support of these and all our athletes."

Finni Verbik

Congratulations and good curling at the Tankard!!!

OCA Events:

Congratulations to Team Grant who won the "A" side of the Senior Men's Regionals. They will be travelling to Glencoe and District Curling Club (near London, Ontario) later this month to participate in the Senior Men's Provincial. This event begins on Wednesday, February 18th and runs through to Sunday, February 22. The team members are Gary Grant, Terry Jenkins, Randy Grant and Dave Farr. Good luck at the Provincials!!!

Coming up this month we have the following events taking place, as well as, the participating Lindsay teams.

BrokerLink Mixed at the Fenelon Falls Curling Club, January 30 - February 1

Mark West, Tara Stephen, Brad Shuttleworth and Chrystal Leavens

John Bolton, Diane Jenkins, Terry Jenkins and Erin Jenkins

Emma Joyce, Isaac Breadner, Lynn Joyce and John Ireland

Lyle Cully, Julie O'Neill, Andy Hiddink and Tracy Hiddink

Senior Mixed also at the Fenelon Falls Curling Club, January 30 - February 1

Anthony Jetten, Marilyn Angiers, Don Harris and Sue Ledoux

Dave Nigh, Wendy Findlay, Jim Scott and Susan Cully

Tim Hortons Trophy at the Beaverton Curling Club, February 14 - 15

Wendy Findlay, Marilyn Angiers, Luanne Rae and Dawn Manderson

Tim Hortons Colts at the Beaverton Curling Club as well, February 14 - 15

Isaac Breadner, Mike Goodhand, Andy Hiddink and Steve O'Connell

Shannon Beddows, John Bolton, Terry Jenkins and Dave Farr

Dave Nigh, Jim Scott, Tim Raven and Scott Hoar

Pancake Breakfast at the Lindsay Curling Club during the OCA Intermediate Regionals

The Tuesday Evening Women are organizing a Pancake Breakfast to run in conjunction with the Regional playdowns being hosted by our Club. Sunday, March 1 the ladies will be preparing and serving breakfast from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The cost is $7.00 for Adults and $5.00 for children 12 and under and a Family Deal (Two Adults and Two Children) of $20.00. Be sure to mark this date on your calendar!!!!

Reminders for your Calendar:

Wednesday, February 4 - Jack DeBois Senior Men's Spiel

Thursday, February 4 - Fundraiser Event - "Pampered Chef Demonstration"

Saturday, February 7 - City of Kawartha Lakes Fun Spiel

Friday, February 13 - Steak Night and Entertainment provided by Randy Read

Wednesday, February 18 and Thursday, February 19 - Frost Whetter Oaklin Ladies Spiel

Saturday, February 21 - Humane Society Bonspiel

Saturday, February 28 and Sunday March 1 - OCA Event Tim Hortons Colts and Trophy Regions

Sunday, March 1 - Pancake Breakfast from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

That's all for now.

Dave Nigh