March 2015 Newsletter

Greetings everyone,

February has come and gone and we are heading into a brand new month. February has been quite a challenge, it has been very cold and it has caused havoc with the health of many of our members. Several of us have had the flu, colds, coughs etc. Some tell me that they have heard that our discomfort has been referred to as the "100 day cold". Oh Joy!! Just another month or two before we all feel better. However, with the month of March now upon us we all will be looking forward to the coming of spring. It is nice to see that the days are getting longer and before you know it, warmer temperatures will be arriving. Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead on March 8th and that will also make us feel that spring is just around the corner.

The Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan had many great games and the eventual winner was Jennifer Jones of Manitoba and her team will represent Canada at the 2015 World Women's Curling Championship which will be held from March 14 to 22 at the Tsukisamu Gymnasium in Sapporo, Japan.

The Tim Hortons Brier is being held in Calgary, Alberta this year and the first two Draws have already started (as of Saturday, February 28). The men will continue to play all week with the finals being played on Sunday, March 8th. Good Luck to all the teams.

The club has been extremely busy with the final weeks of the third schedule, rentals, bonspiels and our February 13th Steak Night. As well, we have already secured several rentals for the off season. As we head into the final month of curling it looks as if the club will continue to be quite active even when the curling season is over for another year..


Senior Men's Open Bonspiel: On February 4th we had 24 Senior Men's teams visit our Club to play in this well known spiel. The men played two games and were treated to a delicious meal prepared by Dianne Ireland Country Cooking. The early draw winner was Rolf Martens from Fenelon Falls Curling Club and Fred Broder of Bobcaygeon won the second draw and was the overall all high points winner. A good time was had by all and we hope that we can fill this bonspiel again next year. We need to thank Lorne Carr, Jack DeBois, Bev Flemming, Ron Fevang, Doug Scott, and Dan Reynolds, the organizing committee, for their efforts. As well, I would like to thank Arol Fairbairn for being the Drawmaster for the day.

Frost Whetter Oaklin Ladies Bonspiel: The following is a note that was submitted to me by Mary Auld. She wanted to report on the Ladies Frost Bonspiel that was held on the 18th and 19th of February.

" Thank You One and All"

To Frost, Whetter, Oaklin Insurance for supporting their 38th Ladies Two day Bonspiel on February 18 and 19. To Pat Clarke and Sandy Widdis for overseeing the duties in the kitchen. Judy MacLean and Nancy Graham for overseeing the Home Luncheon. Nancy Graham and Joyce McCullough for decorating our club. To Barb Fairbairn and Heather Sission for prize buying. To Nancy Graham for helping me direct the entertainment. Doug Morris, our piper for the 2nd day of curling. Mark West, Nathan West and Nicki Avery for the great ice. Bob Widdis and Gary Clarke for bartending. Sharron Robertson and sub social for tasty snacks. Audrey Johnston for developing the Draw Table Baskets. Gail Pillsworth and Sandy Widdis and their social committee for overseeing the light supper. Arol Fairbairn, our drawmaster, for a wonderful job. Our Club Manager, Dave Nigh, thank you for your attention to every detail, again. To Jerry Ford and Bill Hick, for preparing the wine, before they went south for our home luncheon. To every lady member who had a part in making this Bonspiel a success.

Congratulations to the Bonspiel Winners: Cheryl Saunders, Noreen Moore, Kathy Simpson and Brooke Findlay.

Thank you one and all!


Mary Auld

Bonspiel Chair"

We need to take a moment and thank Mary Auld for all her work as Bonspiel Chairperson. It takes a lot of work to organize and oversee this two day event and Mary spent many hours making sure that the Frost Bonspiel was and still is one of the premier ladies bonspiel in our area. Thank you again Mary!!!!

Fund Raising Bonspiels: On February 21, the Humane Society held a fundraising bonspiel at the Lindsay Curling Club. The bonspiel was well attended and had a total of 18 teams taking part. Isaac Breadner, the spiel organizer, would like to thank all that came out and supported the spiel and the Humane Society. All had a terrific time and they look forward to coming back again next season.

Saturday, March 7th is the United Way FUN Bonspiel. The cost per team is $220.00 ($55.00/person) and includes two six end games of curling, Lunch and Dinner. There will be a Loonie Auction, 50/50 Draw, Raffles and Prizes for all. For more information call Audrey Quibell at 705-324-6717 or the UNITED WAY office at 705-878-5081. As always Spectators are welcome.

Golf Coupon Books for Sale:
I know that many of you are not thinking about golf as of yet, but we will be out on the links before you know it. The coupon book offers discounts for many local golf courses but also there are coupons for Driving Ranges, Golf Lessons, Mini Golf, Restaurants and Pubs, Sport Retail stores as well as discounts for Alpine and Cross Country Skiing. Purchase your very own Golf Coupon Book for just $30.00. For more information or to reserve your book, please contact the LCC office (705-324-3851). There are approximately twenty - five left so if you intend to purchase a book do it now before we run out of them!

Ask the Icemaker:

Don Huff, an active member of our very own Curling Club, is still an Associate Member with the Dixie Curling Club in Mississauga, Ontario. He receives monthly newsletters from Dixie and passed on an interesting article entitled "Ask The Icemaker" . It is a short note on topics that are often discussed at the Dixie Curling Club and most likely curling clubs across the nation. After reading it I thought that maybe some of you would find it an interesting read as well.

"This note is the first in a series of what we are calling ASK THE ICEMAKER. If you have any questions about ice and rocks, just let me know and I’ll try to answer them on a regular basis. Today I’m talking about sandpapering the rocks. The last time the rocks were sanded at Dixie was this past Saturday (January 31st), which is why this question is the topic of the first edition of ASK THE ICEMAKER!

DO WE SAND PAPER THE ROCKS? - The answer is yes. Sanding rocks is a regular maintenance procedure that must be done from time to time to maintain the rocks ability to curl.

WHY DO WE NEED TO SANDPAPER CURLING ROCKS? - Curl is generated mainly by the leading edge of the rocks running surface creating microscopic scratches on the ice surface, followed up by the trailing edge of the rocks running surface “grabbing” those scratches, which creates the lateral force that causes the rock to curl. As the rocks are continually thrown down the ice over the span of a few weeks, the ice has a way of “polishing” the running surfaces of the stones. As the running surfaces get polished up there will be less scratching generated, and therefore less curl.

As the rocks start to lose their bite, there are a few things the ice tech can do to help the rocks maintain their curl. For example, running the ice at a warmer temperature creates a slightly softer surface. A rock that is starting to get worn down will have an easier time scratching the softer ice, allowing it to curl the desired amount. However, things like this will not last forever, it will only extend the time between rock maintenance periods.

So, sanding is a way to “roughen up” the running surfaces again and restore them to their ideal condition.

HOW OFTEN DO WE DO IT? - How often they need to be done depends largely on how much usage they get. The more usage the rocks get, the faster they’ll polish up and the more often they need to be sanded. The ideal time to do them is during every maintenance period, which is approximately every six weeks. However, sometimes the rocks will last longer than that without needing any work, and sometimes the rocks won’t last that long. It’s just a matter of keeping an eye on their curl, adjusting the ice surface temp warmer as needed to maintain curl, and sanding them when you can’t push your surface temperature any warmer without the pebble going flat.

For televised curling they will actually usually do the rocks a couple times over the span of the event. For example, during the 2007 Brier at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton the rocks were sanded three times that week. They do that because the ice is so cold during arena curling they need extremely aggressive running surfaces to compensate. Those rocks would essentially be unplayable in a club setting due to their aggressiveness.

WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR - As I’ve explained above, sanded stones will have an aggressive running surface. It’s part of my job to keep the running surfaces aggressive enough to generate a good amount of curl (my goal is at least four feet).

If you watch any televised event, no matter the delivery style used by the players, they all have one thing in common: They all put a positive rotation on their stones.

If your stone does not rotate at least three full times on a draw (and 4-5 rotations is quite ok as well), your rock will not run as consistently as it should. If you throw a “soft handle” (meaning an under-rotated stone) your rocks will be prone to diving sideways or losing (and even reversing) their handles. Sometimes the rocks will do it, sometimes the rocks wont, and to varying degrees. If that happens to you, your rock did not pick, and your rock did not hit a flat spot . . . it simply didn’t have enough rotation to maintain a consistent path the length of the ice.

Moral of the story, keep a good positive handle on your stone, and it’ll make your life a whole lot easier!

Dave Ellis, Head Ice Technician

The only reason I wanted to include this article is that we here at the Lindsay Curling Club also "touch up" the rocks periodically as well. I just wanted to share this information with all of you as I found it quite interesting.

OCA Events:

Lindsay Curling Club has been well represented this year at the Zones, Regionals and Provincials levels in the various OCA events. John Baldry and Sue Ledoux, our OCA club representatives worked tirelessly to ensure both visiting and home teams were taken care of both on and off the ice. We must thank all the volunteers who helped out in the kitchen, who donated morning muffins and other tasty treats and those who helped with the Pancake Breakfast which was held in conjunction with the Zone 5 Colts and Trophy Regional. It takes numerous people to ensure both visiting and home teams are taken care of. The hospitality offered at our Club is second to none!

We also need to thank Mark West. We are very fortunate to have Mark as our icemaker. Whether it be OCA events and or Bonspiels many of the out of town teams compliment Mark on his ice and it is a testament to all the hard work he and his helpers (Nicki Avery and Nathan West) put forth to make the ice conditions as near perfect as possible. "Thank You" Mark, Nicki and Nathan we appreciate your efforts.

We have two teams participating in the Trophy and Colts Regionals this weekend. On the Trophy side we have the team of Wendy Findlay, Marilyn Anigers, Dawn Manderson and Luanne Rae and on the Colts competition we have Shannon Beddows, John Bolton, Terry Jenkins and Dave Farr. Good luck to both teams!!!!

As mentioned above t

he Tuesday Evening Women are organizing a Pancake Breakfast to run in conjunction with the Regional playdowns being hosted by our Club. Sunday, March 1st the ladies will be preparing and serving breakfast from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The cost is $7.00 for Adults and $5.00 for children (12 and under) and a Family Deal (Two Adults and Two Children) of $20.00. So come on out and enjoy a hearty breakfast and watch curling at the club!!!!

Championship Night:

Due to the fact that Easter is very early this year we have to have our Championship and Final Steak Night on Thursday, April 2nd. Watch for a sign up sheet to order a steak (or chicken breast) for dinner. I thank the Friday Night Mixed League for the organization and running of the final steak night. Come out and cheer on your favourite team and enjoy a BBQ steak as well. See you there!!!

Reminders for your Calendar:

Sunday, March 1 - Pancake Breakfast 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Tuesday, March 3 - Senior InterClub - Ennismore

Saturday, March 7 - United Way Bonspiel

Wednesday, March 11 - Senior Mini Spiel

Thursday, March 19 - Senior InterClub - Campbellford

Saturday, March 21 - Women's Open Bonspiel

Thursday, March 26 - Day Ladies Spring Meeting

Friday, March 27 - .Mixed League Pizza/Wing Night

Saturday, March 28 - Tuesday Evening Women Spiel and Banquet

Thursday, April 2 - Championship Steak Night

That's all for now,

Dave Nigh