February 2019 Newsletter

Greeting folks,

Well, here we are in the month of February! It’s hard to believe that we only have eight more weeks of curling. Time will fly by as we are extremely busy for the next two months. There is something going on at the club each weekend from now to the end of March. We have fundraising bonspiels such as the Humane Society Spiel and the United Way Bonspiel. Early in February we have our Senior Invitational Jack DeBois Bonspiel and also our two day Frost Whetter Oaklin Ladies Spiel. Also, new this year, we will be hosting the first annual Little Rock Bonspiel. Then in March we have our Men’s Classic, our Women’s Open Spiel and our Championship Night. Sprinkled in between these spiels we have several rentals, Inter-club games and another Senor Mini Spiel. Before you know it we will be packing it up for yet another year!! Let’s get started on this month’s newsletter.


Heart and Soul Ladies Spiel:

On Wednesday January 9th the Ladies held their popular "In Club" Bonspiel, The Heart and Soul. Kim Thornbury, the Owner of Heart and Soul Gift Shop on Sussex Street once again generously sponsored this Spiel. The prizes for the top four teams were provided by Kim as well as the prize for the most “Hogged Rocks”. She also supplied beautiful centerpieces for our dining tables and provided each curler with a scented votive candle.

We had a full Spiel with 48 curlers and teams were randomly selected for a fun day of Curling. A delicious lunch was provided by Edna Smith and her helper John Gundy.

The Winning Team was Skipped by Laurene Green, with Carole Douglas, Susan Bianconi and Sandra Widdis Second Place went to Marilyn O'Reilly with Donna Scott, Becky Dunbar and Shirley Richardson Third Place was Mary Auld, Judy MacLean, Lenore Davidson and Katrin Galea Fourth Place was won by June Pick, Gail Pillsworth, Faye Clarke and Helen Holcroft

Many thanks to everyone who made this day a success!

Anita Allen

Youth Bonspiel and Report:

What a great time the U-15 curlers had at our bonspiel on January 12. Youth curlers from Peterborough, Bobcaygeon, Haliburton, West Northumberland, Quinte, Lindsay and High Park played 2 – 8 end games and I’m sure didn’t go home hungry. Many spectators enjoyed lunch at the club and bought many arm’s length draw prize tickets. Sponsor, John O’Reilly presented First Prize and the trophy to a Haliburton team. Other winners were from Peterborough and Quinte.

Thanks to parents who helped and to club volunteers Kim Ross, Deb Hatch, Marilyn O’Reilly, Cathy Terry, Kathryn Shannon, Noreen Moore, Pat Ford, Becky Dunbar, Susan Bianconi, Laurene Green, Mike Smith, Angela and Jeff Porteous and Bruce Rogers for helping on the day. Thanks to club members who came out to support youth curling. Doug Ross is thanked for stepping in as Draw Master and Dave Nigh for his support and guidance. And thanks to Mark and Nathan for the great ice. Thank you everyone. We couldn’t have had such a successful day without your help.

A special thanks to our sponsor John O’Reilly Real Estate Brokerage. Without the generosity of sponsors like John, these bonspiels don’t happen. We look forward to another successful U-15 bonspiel next January.

Two of our youth curlers are heading to the Provincials in Elmira for the Hit Draw Tap skills competition February 2. We wish Miranda Teel and Owen Porteous much success. They go into the competition as part of the top ten youth curlers in their age group both Provincially and Nationally.

The Sunday youth curling league increased in January by 3 new curlers. Twenty-five enthusiastic young curlers enjoy honing their curling skills and playing friendly games Sunday afternoon. On January 27, parents braved a windy, snowy day to take Owen Porteous, Willem Hancin, Tom Keys-Brasier and Beth Strange to the Bobcaygeon Curling Club for a friendly interclub game. Other clubs involved in youth inter-club are Peterborough and Lakefield. The Lindsay team won 14 to 3 over a Lakefield team. We are pleased to mention that Tom has been accepted as a page at Queens Park.

The youth curling league will host a fun spiel on February 23 for novice and non- competitive curlers. We are grateful to sponsor Crayola Canada for their continued support of our Little Rock Curlers and this Fun spiel. 12 teams of curlers, ages 8 to 12 will play 2 six end games separated by lunch. All will receive a Crayola prize. Registered curlers are from Port Perry, Bobcaygeon, West Northumberland, Lindsay, Oshawa and Barrie with an Uxbridge team on the waiting list. The day should be a lot of fun. We are looking for 6 volunteers to stand at the end of each sheet of ice during the games to keep things moving along. It is hoped that these young curlers can play their six ends in 2 hours. If you would like to assist on the ice or help serve the curlers and spectators lunch, please call Diana Rogers at 705 328-0240.

Thanks everyone for your continued support

Diana Rogers – Youth Leader

Message from the President:

I wanted to inform our members that we have installed a security system throughout the club. This security system will make it more safe and secure for our members when they are at the club.

Our club has always offered a protected facility for members to enjoy the game of curling and other activities held at the club. Let’s work together to keep it that way. As another safety feature the front door of the club will be locked by 10:00 pm each night.

I would like to thank Marc Sorensen and Doug Ross for their effort and dedication to this project.

John McCrae

Euchre Night at LCC:

On Saturday, January 26th Lindsay Curling Club hosted a euchre night. Members, friends and family came out for a fun night of cards. In all, there were 19 tables set up for the 76 euchre participants and they played six action packed games. There was a short break after game three and then 3 more games were played. Everyone enjoyed pizza that arrived shortly after the completion of the sixth game which allowed the organizer and helpers some time to determine the winners and conduct the share the wealth draw.

Cash Prizes were given out to Bob Harbic, Andre Charbonneau, Robin Steffler and Steve Angiers who all won five games and had the highest score differential. Bill Elliott won a prize for the most lone hands (6). It was a good thing Bill wore a short sleeve shirt that evening or he may have been accused of having cards up his sleeve :-) Mary McKay was our Share the Wealth winner and to our surprise donated half of her winnings back to the club. Thank you Mary!

By all accounts it was a great evening and many were asking when will we hold another euchre night. It was also neat to see so many people introducing themselves to their playing partners and opponents. Even though we are all LCC members we often play in different leagues and do not know members outside of the league(s) that we play in. We need functions such as this to get to know others who share our passion for the game of curling and as well it creates a unique supportive community within the club. A great night was had by all!!

We need to thank Bill Rourke and his committee of Katie McLaughlin, Jerry Ford, Doreen Lane, John McCrae and Wendy Findlay for organizing and helping throughout the evening. Thank you also to Anthony Jetten who tended the bar for the night. Everyone had a great time and the club after expenses received $1000.00. Thanks again to Bill and his committee.

Steak Night:

Mark Friday, February 15th on your calendars as it is our next steak night. The signup sheet is posted in its usual spot and it is your Board Members who will be working in the kitchen. We will be looking for extra helpers for the night as we cannot fill all the spots to run a steak night with just our Board Members. I will be approaching the various leagues for extra helpers and if you have a couple of hours to spare that night and have not had an opportunity to help out at a steak night please see me in the office or sign up on the circulating sheet.

Smart Serve Qualifications:

There are times throughout the year or at special events that extra volunteers are required to assist with the bar. It was suggested that a list be generated of members that have their Smart Serve Qualifications. If you happen to have your Smart Serve and wouldn’t mind having your name added to a club list please send an email or pop into the office and submit your name. Thanking you in advance.

Head Protection on the Ice:

In the last month or so we have had some of our members slip and fall on the ice. In our club roster under the section “Lindsay Curling Club Playing Rules” there is a club policy that describes the procedure that will be followed if a curler has fallen and struck their head on the ice. Since the new year many of our members have purchased a helmet to wear on the ice for protection from a fall. An interesting article was forwarded to the club from one of our members regarding head protection and I thought our membership may want to read it for themselves. The article is entitled “Head Protection Becoming Common in Curling Community” . This is the link to the article - Head protection becoming common in curling community


We have had several teams participating in OCA events last month and we would like to congratulate Gary Grant, Ian Robertson, Dan Balachorek and Dave Farr as they have qualified for the Senior Men’s Provincial. This year, the Senior Men’s Provincial is being held at the Brockville Country Club from February 20th – 24th. Congratulations to Team Grant and we wish you the best at the Provincials!!!

Reminders for Your Calendar:


That’s all for now!

Dave Nigh