March 2019 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

It's hard to believe that the month of February is already over and that we only have four weeks of curling left this year. The club has been extremely busy with bonspiels, rentals, school groups, and our February 15th steak night. February also had the Scottie Tournament of Hearts where Team Carey of Alberta stole their way to the Scotties Title and will represent Canada at the Ford World Championship in Silkeborg, Denmark later this month (March 16 - 24).

Coming up this weekend is the start of the Tim Hortons Brier in Brandon, Manitoba. The provincial champions will be competing to become our Canadian Champion and represent Canada at the Ford World Men's Championship held in Lethbridge, Alberta, (March 30th – April 7). If you love to watch curling you will be glued to your television set watching how all of the championships unfold.

You may have noticed on the display case in the front foyer of the club two wicker baskets filled with hand knitted slippers. Vicki Titshall, a Friday Night Curl and Dine member, asked if there would be a need for a few slippers for people to borrow. I thought she meant a couple of pairs of slippers. Well, there must be at least 12 pairs of knitted slippers in the two baskets. Thank you so much Vicki!!! We will put them to good use.

Let's get started on this month's newsletter.

Pancake Breakfast:

On Sunday, March 3rd the Tuesday Evening Women are planning to run a Pancake Breakfast from 8:00 am to 1;00 pm. The cost is $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for children aged 5 - 10. There is also a Family Deal offered where 2 adults and 2 children can enjoy a tasty breakfast for $20.00. Since the breakfast is being held at the same time as our Lindsay Curling Classic Men's Bonspiel come on out for breakfast and then enjoy watching a game of curling. Tickets are available at the LCC office or contact Mary Keenan or a TEW curler. Hope to see you there!!!

Year End Party:

Long standing members may recall that at the end of the curling year we had a skating party out on the ice. It was a great way to end up the year and also help to carve up the ice so it would melt a little faster. One evening sitting around the table having a refreshment it was suggested that we should do it again this year. So…….

Lindsay Curling Club Year End Party Sunday, March 31st From 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm BBQ – Hot dogs, hot chocolate and Tim Bits Fun games in the upstairs lounge Corner to Corner Curling Challenge Skating for everyone!! Members, families and friends are welcome!!! See you there!!


Jack DeBois Memorial Invitational Senior Bonspiel:

On February 6th we had 24 Senior Men's teams visit our club to play in this well-known spiel. The teams travelled far and wide to come and participate even though we had freezing rain and ice pellets off and on most of the day. All 24 teams arrived safely and not one team was short a player. How does that saying go…. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep……. would most certainly be appropriate for the day.

The early draw winner was a Whitby team skipped by Ted Birchard. Hot on his heels was a Lindsay team skipped by Dan Reynolds, (vice) Don Harris, (2nd) Frank Smith and (Lead) Ralph Mutton who were only one point behind. On the second draw, a West Northumberland team, skipped by Steve Haug, won their draw and were the eventual overall winner of the bonspiel.

Between the first and second games the players were treated to a delicious meal prepared by Diane Ireland Country Cooking. Thank you to Maxine Anderson and to Faye Flood who helped to serve coffee and morning treats and also assisted in setting up for the two lunches. Anthony served the teams their beverages and thank you to Mark and Nathan for the great ice. Thanks goes out to Matt English and Jim Scott who assisted throughout the day with the scoring and drawmaster duties. We also need to thank Dan Reynolds for organizing the spiel. A good time was had by all and we hope that we can fill this bonspiel again next year.

Frost Whetter Oaklin Insurance 2-Day Ladies Bonspiel: (Report Prepared by Anita Allen)

On Feb. 20th and 21st the Ladies Section held their 42nd Frost Whetter Oaklin Bonspiel. Nineteen teams from out of town and five teams from Lindsay enjoyed two days of great curling. Kelly from Dianne's Country Cooking provided an excellent lunch and dinner on the first day. Thursday the curlers were home hosted for another delicious meal. Entertainment was provided on Wednesday Night by our very talented Lindsay Curling Club players.

The Trophy Winners were Louise Haugen and her team from Port Perry and the runner up in the A Event was Kathy Simpson and her team from Lindsay. The Consolation Winner of the A Event was Linda Parcels and her team from Lakefield.

We were happy to have enthusiastic participation from our sponsors at FWO...Anne Kearns, Amanda Small, Kim Appleton and Giselle Ferraro. Piping the curlers on for the Championship games was Brian Gowan.

Many “Thanks” to everyone who worked so hard to make this Spiel such a great success!!!

Crayola Little Rock Fun Spiel:

SUCCESS, SUCCESS, SUCCESS is the verdict after the first Crayola Little Rock Fun Spiel on February 23rd . Young non-competitive and curlers new to the game took part. These young aspiring curlers are between ages 8 and 12 and they played two 6-end games. Between their games they had a great lunch of chicken fingers, veggies and dip, ice cream, cookies and chocolate milk. Each curler received a loot bag of Crayola product and treats. Teams from Bobcaygeon, Oshawa, West Northumberland, Port Perry, Barrie and Lindsay took part in the day’s activities. On the waiting list were teams from Huntsville and Uxbridge.

It should be noted, that after speaking with out of town coaches, most of the curlers in this fun spiel had never curled more than 3 ends at one time. That would include some of the Lindsay curlers. These youngsters were real troupers. One outside team decided half way through their second game that they would rather lay down on the back boards than throw any more rocks…. They didn’t and curled on. There was a lot of excitement on sheet six during the second game. Lindsay’s Frain team and Bobcaygeon‘s Flynn team were tied after six ends. Each player then threw one rock towards the glass to break the tie….but they didn’t. Then one player from each team had to throw a rock to see who would be closest to the button. The Flynn team from Bobcaygeon won the game with an excellent try from the Frain team.

The Crayola Little Rock Fun Spiel Trophy was presented to the Fisher Team from Port Perry who had 33 ½ points. Second place to the Kinnear team from Barrie with 33 ¼ points and third place to the Junkin team from Bobcaygeon with 29 ¼ points. The Junkin team played with three curlers in the second game as the fourth player had a hockey game. The fourth prize went to a team who lost their first game but had a high second game. That prize went to the Flynn team from Bobcaygeon with 14 ¾ points. Lindsay’s O. Porteous team was fourth overall. Crayola Canada, the fun spiel sponsor, was more than generous providing prizes for all 48 curlers and their fifth players.

Spectators were very supportive of both the draw prize table and the club’s kitchen. Young siblings were kept entertained in the upstairs lounge in the Crayola colouring area and shooting golf balls at the golf putting game made and donated by Morley Brown. Thank you Morley – what fun! All curlers had a chance to win jars of candies by guessing the number of candies in each of five jars.

Contributing to the success of the bonspiel were all the parents and club volunteers who stepped forward to help. Thanks to John Baldry, Noreen Moore and Finni Verbik for being the all-important monitors on the back boards. They kept things moving, answered questions from the young curlers and helped with measuring. Thanks to the parents who helped set tables and sell draw tickets. And thanks to club members June Widdis, Kathryn Shannon, Donna Paull, Susan Bianconi, Becky Dunbar, Pat Ford, Barb Brown, Marilyn O’Reilly, Angie Porteous, Laurene Green, and Mike Smith for their most valued assistance. Thanks to Mark and Nathan for the great ice. A special thank you to Kim and Doug Ross and Bruce Rogers who helped anchor the event. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you Dave Nigh for your assistance.

Thanks to local businesses and club members for their generous support of youth curling and their donations to the draw prize table. Their generosity helped to make the bonspiel a financial success.

We sincerely thank our sponsor Crayola Canada for their generosity and support of youth and look forward to next year’s Crayola Little Rock Fun Spiel.

On February 10th a team of Owen Porteous, Willem Hancin, Tom Keys-Brasier and Beth Strange took part in an inter-club game in Lakefield. Our club looks forward to participating in inter-club next season.

Two members of our youth group attended the Provincial Hit Draw Tap Competition in Elmira on February 2nd. Miranda Teel and Owen Porteous made both the Lindsay Curling Club and themselves proud. We hope to have more Lindsay youth curlers participate in next year’s challenge.

The Sunday afternoon youth curling continues to be busy. Some friends from the” bring a friend day” on February 10th and curlers from the school curling program have joined us and will curl until the end of the season. The young club members look smart in their new Lindsay Curling Club hoodies and are proud to wear them.

We are in need of stabilizers for the young curlers. If you are able to donate a stabilizer or offer to build some, we will provide the plumbers ABS pipe.

As we approach the end of the curling season I would like to thank everyone who has taken an interest in our youth program. We need more helpers on Sunday afternoon. Please keep us in mind for next season and call if you can donate a day or two or three or four on Sunday afternoon. The young curlers are the future of this club.

Thanks for your continued support! Diana Rogers Youth Leader

Lindsay Curling Classic:

Our men’s Curling Classic begins today, March 1st and runs through to Sunday, March 3rd. There are 24 teams competing for $8,200.00 in prize money. There are several out of town teams coming to our club, and for some, the very first time. They will be treated to our terrific ice conditions, experience the pleasure of playing with new rocks and enjoy LCC’s well-known hospitality. As mentioned earlier in this newsletter the Tuesday Evening Women are holding a fundraising pancake breakfast on Sunday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm in conjunction with the spiel.

We are very pleased to announce that, this year, we have new sponsors. Lindsay Paper Box Co. Ltd., owned and operated by our member, Tim Raven along with his partner, Greg Fierheller, has agreed to be our “Title Sponsor”. Their sponsorship will be in memory of our long standing member, and Tim’s father, Grant Raven. Tim’s support of our club is immeasurable. Please acknowledge and thank both Tim and Greg when you see them.

Also, our members Isaac Breadner of Affinity Group Pinnacle Realty Ltd and Andy Hiddink, have arranged for additional monetary support. Isaac’s personal donation and Andy’s employer, Securitas will be our “Presenting Sponsors”. We also want to acknowledge and thank Matt English for arranging for the chocolate milk through Kawartha Lakes Dairy Producers. Where would we be without our members!

LCC Draws:

Geoff Tait, President and owner of the Triple Bogey Brewing Company, gave the club some items to use as a draw. When you purchased a “Hurry Hard” or a “Triple Bogey” beverage you were given a ballot to fill out. The draw was made last night and Emily MacPherson won the Hurry Hard curling broom, Dave Needham won the Hurry Hard hat and Malcolm Florence won the two Hurry Hard beer mugs. Congratulations Emily, Dave and Malcolm see Anthony at the bar for your prizes and thank you to all who participated.

In another draw, Jim Allen, a member of the club, who is providing a service to our members by offering Goldline equipment donated a couple of items for a draw. Anthony had tickets for people to sign whenever you purchased a drink from the bar for a period of a few weeks. The draw took place on February 14th and Matt McKinnon won a Goldline Fiber Lite Air Brush and Marc Sorensen won a cooler bag. Thank you, Jim, for the donation and also “Thank You” for providing the equipment for our members to purchase at below retail prices. Speaking of equipment……..

Carefully inspect your equipment and decide if they need to be replaced. The most common pieces of equipment that need and should be replaced are grippers and broom heads. If you look at your gripper, or broom head, and wonder if it needs replacing, it probably does. A worn out gripper can cause debris to be left on the ice which in turn may cause a rock to pick and a perfectly thrown rock is lost. Also, a worn gripper will lose its grip and is not as safe as it should be. The general rule of thumb is to purchase a new gripper to begin each new curling season and in some cases, depending on how often you curl, a second gripper should be purchased before the year is out.

Similarly, a worn broom head will lose its effectiveness and can be very dirty. How do you assess the broom head to determine if it should be replaced? The first step is simply to look at it. How dirty is the surface? The sides of the head will generally show the original colour of the pad so compare that to the colour of the pad on the brushing surface. If they are not close to being the same colour, more than likely the broom head needs to be replaced. The second step is to run your fingers over the surface of the brush head. Is it smooth as silk? A clean brush head should have some texture to it. Normally, the areas which feel very smooth will appear a bit shiny; smooth and shiny means it is time to invest in a new brush head. So remember, using clean and safe equipment and it will make your curling experience more enjoyable.

Reminders for Your Calendar:

The curling season will be over before we know it and we will turn our attention to spring chores and other outdoor activities. Be sure to watch for information regarding your year-end banquets around the Club. That is about all for now.

Dave Nigh