April 2019 Newsletter

Greetings Everyone,

Championship games are completed, the TEW had their final spiel and banquet, we had the year end windup/skating party and there is a banquet and awards presentation tonight and finally the Day Ladies Banquet and Awards on Wednesday, April 3rd. That will be the official end to this season.

It sure has been a busy winter and another successful season. We hosted several bonspiels throughout the year and we need to thank the bonspiel chairpersons and their committees. It takes a lot of work and time to organize and run these spiels. I would not even attempt to mention all the committees, sub-committees and all the members who worked tirelessly to make these spiels a success for fear of leaving someone off the list. However, I would like to mention all of the spiels that took place at the club and say, "Thank You" to each and every person who was involved in running the event.

In the Fall, we started off with the Ethel and Jeanette's Get Acquainted Spiel, then the Kawartha Senior Men's Spiel, the DeNure's Spiel, the Patron President Bonspiel, three senior Mini Spiels, the Heart and Soul Spiel, the U21 Youth Bonspiel, followed by the Senior Men's Invitational Spiel, the Frost, Whetter, Oaklin Insurance Two Day Ladies Bonspiel, the Little Rocks Youth Spiel, the Lindsay Classic Men's Spiel, the Women's Open Spiel and finally the Tuesday Evening Women's Closing Spiel. As you can see there are many club organized bonspiels that run each year and many, many people help out to make the event a success and an enjoyable day for all participants!

We cannot thank our league convenors enough for the work they do with their respective leagues. It takes a lot of time and effort to put together the different leagues and we thank them for all of the hours of preparation. I would like to just take a minute to identify our league convenors and say, "Thank You" for making this another successful year. Monday Night Men - Andy Hiddink, Monday and Thursday Day Ladies - Marilyn O'Reilly, Diana Rogers, Linda Shier, Penny Kuhne and Allison Chenier, Tuesday Evening Women – Kathy Simpson, Brenda Bonis and Connie Quibell, Seniors League - Doug Murray, John and Faye Flood, Maxine Anderson, Lawrence Drummond and Dan Reynolds, Wednesday Night Mixed Skip Entry League – Doug Ross, Friday Curl and Dine - John McCrae, Jerry Ford and John Baldry, Friday Night Mixed - Jack and Jean Kyle, Tuesday Ladies Skip Entry – Marj Smith and Jan Robinson, Tuesday Major League - Jim Scott, Thursday Skip's Entry - Diane Jenkins and Lynn Joyce, Special Olympics - Finni Verbik and our Youth Program Coordinator - Diana Rogers and helpers Bruce Rogers, Laureen Green, Mike Smith, Angela and Jeff Porteous. I hope I have not missed anyone and if I did I apologize. On behalf of all of our members thank you again, we appreciate your efforts.

On Friday, March 29th we had our last steak night for this season. The Mixed Section ran the steak night and we would like to “Thank” all who helped put this night on!! Also, on that night many members played in their championship games and we were treated to an exciting night of curling. While many of our members were enjoying their dinner, piper Brian Gowan piped the championship teams onto the ice. President John McCrae toasted the teams and the piper and then proceeded to recognize and thank some of our advertisers who were invited guests for the evening. He then introduced the participating teams and then the games began.


Congratulations to all, it was a great season and enjoyable championship night!!!!

Share The Wealth:

As you know we have been running a “Share the Wealth” Draw at the club. It is strictly a volunteer draw where one so choose can deposit a toonie in the Toonie Box and sign their name into the book. At the end of the week a number was drawn and on a master member numbered list a winner was identified. However, if the drawn name did not choose to participate or forgot to enter their name into the draw then that amount of prize money was carried over to the following week. At the end of the season a tally was made and $4849.00 was the season total. Of that amount fifty percent went to the club ($2424.00) and the other half was given out to the members who had entered the weekly draw. Thank you to all who participated throughout the year and congratulations to those who won.

Early Bird Registration:

Register for the 2019 - 2020 curling season and avoid possible increases to your membership dues. Also, have your name added to a list for a chance to win back your membership fee as Noreen Moore did last year!! Dues must be received on or before June 1, 2019 to be eligible for the draw. The draw will be made at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, June 18th, 2019. Registration forms are available at the LCC office or (click the link for the form). Please be advised that the Wednesday Night Flex League and the Friday Night Mixed Late Draw are being looked at for possible changes.

End of Season and Equipment:

It is now the end of the curling season and what should we do with our curling equipment? Often after the last game is played we close up our locker and the contents of the locker stays there until startup of the next year. Clean lockers out, there may be items there that you have been looking for. Also, please leave the lock on the locker so it will be there for you next year if you choose to keep a locker for another season.

Lindsay Fair Gates:

For number of years now LCC members have volunteered to man the gates at the Lindsay Fair. It has been an important fundraising event for our club over the years. It takes a tremendous amount of planning and organization which has been done by Cathy Terry and her committee. Last year a new system was implemented and as far as we were concerned there were several issues that just didn’t work.

We set up a meeting with the general manager of the LEX, Harry Stoddard, to discuss our concerns. We also felt that there needed to be an increase to the amount we receive for manning the gates based on the number of hours required in planning and organizing for the five days of the fair as well as the number of volunteer hours required to man the gates and collect admission. After the meeting, Mr. Stoddard told us that he agreed that there needed to be changes made and that he would take our concerns to the next Fair Board meeting.

On March 11th we received a letter from Len Dawson, President of the Lindsay Agricultural Society.

Members of the Lindsay Curling Club:

The Lindsay Agricultural Society (LAS) values the long-standing relationship between the curling club and the LAS. You have provided an important service to the LAS for many years.

We tried a new arrangement for the gates in 2018 and recognize that it caused challenges for curling club members. We appreciated your patience last year as we experimented with the new approach. We have reviewed the results from 2018 and met with members of the club to formulate our plans for 2019.

We will be keeping the distributed gates around the grounds. However, we will not be using Ticketpro, we are changing security companies, we are going back to cash registers, and we are replacing the wristbands with a stamp and durable ink used by waterparks. We believe that these changes will keep the benefits of the distributed entrances while speeding up the process and reducing or eliminating many of the frustrations with the 2018 system.

We have also agreed to increase the fee paid to the curling club over the next few years. The $9500 donation we made to the curling club in 2018 will increase to $11,600 in 2019 and $13,700 in 2020. This will represent a total increase of over 80% since 2016.

We look forward to working with the curling club for many years in the future.

Sincerely, Len Dawson President, LAS

We were pleased that many of our concerns were also concerns of the Fair Board and it appears that changes are going to be made to make the process of manning the gates go more smoothly. We look forward to working with the Fair again this fall and into 2020 as this is an important fundraiser for our club.

Senior Section:

On Wednesday, March 27th the Senior Section wrapped up their season with a final game and enjoyed a few slices of pizza following the game. It was noted that there was an increased level of participation in the “Tag League” and we look forward to increasing those numbers again next year. It was nice to see the fellowship that is evident within this league and it was extra special to see Dave McLean was able to join the group to share in conversation and camaraderie. The Senior league curls on Tuesday mornings (9:30 am), Wednesday and Friday afternoons and sometimes even on Thursday afternoon at 1:30 pm. There are three mini spiels throughout the year where you can sign up to play a “Skins” game and enjoy a delicious meal between the two games. It is a great league to be part off and it awesome to see the number of members increasing.

There is also an “InterClub” league within the seniors as well. This is where teams travel to other clubs to play in some friendly competitive games and then the opposing teams then come to Lindsay to play here in return. I believe there are 54 games in total and the clubs involved are Lakefield, Bobcaygeon, Omemee, Norwood, Peterborough Curling Club, Cobourg, Campbellford, Peterborough Golf and Ennismore.

After all the scheduled games had been played the Norwood Curling Club gets the bragging rights for this year with a record of 39 wins, 12 losses and three ties.. Lindsay was fifth in the ten team league with a record of 26 wins, 25 losses and 3 ties. All in all it was a great season of interclub play. If you are interested in skipping a senior team or are interested in joining the Lindsay Kawartha Interclub League please contact Doug Murray.

Reminders for your Calendar:


Well, that's about all for now. I will continue to send out newsletters and updates over the summer to keep everyone informed with what is happening with and around the club. I hope you all have a great summer!!! Thanks for a great year!!! Remember, we are always looking for new members so spread the word about our club!

Dave Nigh