July 2019 Newsletter

Greetings all,

As you know The City of Kawartha Lakes is undertaking a construction project outside the club along Peel Street from William to Victoria. The scope of this project is to install new underground infrastructure which includes storm sewers, sanitary sewers and water mains. There will also be new curbs and sidewalks and finally a new road surface. It has certainly been an inconvenience for many of the businesses located on Peel and we are fortunate that the construction is taking place during the off season.

The projected completion date is November 1st as long as everything goes as planned and if the weather cooperates. We have had a few rentals such as the Lindsay Creative Quilters Guild’s Quilt Show, the Humane Society annual Yard Sale and a few more smaller rentals where the construction certainly made it interesting but everyone seemed to be understanding and the events carried on.

The club, however, was not unscathed as we had to deal with a couple of issues that were the result of the construction. While the excavation was taking place we had water seep into the old plant room in the basement through the water main to the building. That was an easy fix as it was just surface water from all the rain we have had and it seeped in under the water main from the street.

Unfortunately, the second issue was not as easy a fix. There was a backup of one of our undetected old sewer lines in the men’s locker room. It wasn’t as bad as one may think but we had to deal with it immediately. The City and Coco Paving were informed and we met at the club. Both parties agreed that the backup was due to the construction taking place outside the club. Shortly after our meeting steps were put into place to begin the cleanup and restoration. We have had a company in to do an emergency cleanup where carpets were removed, the floors sanitized, blowers brought in to dry everything out and the removal of any items that were affected. Once everything is cleaned up and carefully inspected for any remaining health hazards the floor will be prepared for the carpet to be replaced and everything put back into place. We are now at the stage of waiting for the prep for restoration.

We were informed that typically we would deal directly with our own insurance company/adjuster regarding the damage to our property. Then once our claim was finalized our insurer would pursue recovery for the costs incurred from the Contractor and/or City. We anticipate that there will not be any issues moving forward as all parties agreed that the damage was caused by the construction taking place on Peel Street.

We were thinking that this might be a good time to paint the Men’s locker area before carpets and lockers are put back into place. If you are able to lend a hand in the next couple of weeks please contact the club (705-324-3851) or John McCrae (705-328-9255).

Annual General Meeting

On Tuesday, June 25th we had our Annual General Meeting and it was so nice to see many of our members join us for this meeting. John McCrae, our club president, welcomed everyone and gave a brief overview of the 2018/19 curling season. Emma Joyce, our club treasurer, took us through the Financial Statement for the year ending April 30th, 2019. The club had a very successful year from a financial standpoint, in fact, it was one of our most successful years. After the presentation, Emma continued on with the proposed budget for the coming curling season and suggested to not increase our fee structure for the coming season. However, there was a suggestion of adding another rate to our fee structure.

As you know we are always attempting to attract new members particularly younger adult members to our club. We introduced a few years ago an “Introductory Fee” of $200.00 for unlimited curling for the first season which attracted several new members. However, in the next year and future years thereafter if the new member continued to wish to pay for an “Unlimited Membership” the fee increased to what is now $510.00. At recent Board meetings it was discussed that this increase may be too much for a younger adult or young couple who wanted to play more than one league. It was suggested that there be an intermediate fee for those younger adults who may find the increase to be too much to rejoin for another year.

We looked “on line” at clubs that were a similar size to Lindsay and found that many of them had an “Intermediate Fee” for that targeted age group. It appeared that other clubs were giving that age group a break financially at a time in their lives that surplus money for recreation was at a premium. The Board thought it would be a good idea for the Lindsay Curling Club to follow suit. Emma made a motion to include another fee to our fee structure for those members that are “30 years of age or younger” of $350.00 for “Unlimited Play”. Once that individual surpassed the age of 30 then the fee would be the rate of $510.00 or whatever the fee is for an Unlimited Membership at that time. She made a motion and it was voted on and passed by those who were in attendance to add this rate to our fee structure.

There were also reports given by the various sections and many donations were given to the club. We are very lucky to have so many members who give of their time to organize and run various fundraisers within each section that our members participate in. These dollars are greatly appreciated and the following sections contributed to almost $30,000.00 in donations. Thank you to the Tuesday Evening Women's League, the Day Ladies Section, the Seniors Section, the Youth Curling League, the Curl and Dine and Mixed Section, the Thursday Night Skip Entry League, the Inter-Club Major League and finally the Men's Section. Thank you again to all the above sections for their donations.

Next on the agenda, President John McCrae, thanked the outgoing Board of Directors Lynda Demerse, Susan Bianconi and John Ireland for their service over the past year. He also thanked Emma Ireland for her commitment, expertise and dedication to the Club. She has acted as the Club’s Treasurer for several years and will not be continuing next year. The next time you see these folks please thank them for all the work they did on the Board. He then asked Past-President Wendy Findlay to introduce Marg Preston, Nancy McKague, Matt English and Dave Farr who will be coming on to the Board as Directors for the coming season. Other members of your Board who are remaining for another year are Kim Ross as 1st Vice, Wendy Findlay as Past-President, Katie McLaughlin as Club Treasurer, Brenda Bonis as Club Secretary and Director Doug Ross. Thank you to these volunteers who will be acting on your behalf for the next year.

The evening concluded with Club President, John McCrae, drawing the name of the member who will be winning back their membership through the Early Bird Registration. There were 71 members who signed up for the coming season and that membership revenue helps us cover costs over the summer months until registration in September. Congratulations to Sandra Widdis!!!! She will be refunded her membership dues and will be curling for free next year!!!

Lindsay Fair Gates

Once again the Lindsay Curling Club will be working the gates at the Lindsay Exhibition. The dates we are looking for volunteers are from Wednesday, September 18th to Sunday, September 22nd . If you are available to help us out and would like to volunteer at a specific time please contact Cathy Terry (705-878-4034). In the near future a telephone committee will be calling asking if you are able to help fill the many, many time slots required to operate the gates during the Fair. Please consider helping out as this is a major undertaking and a major fundraiser for the club.

Euchre Party

You may recall that back in January the club held a “Progressive Euchre Party”. It was well received and it has been suggested that we do another one sometime over the summer as it was a great evening. The date selected for our next Euchre get together is Saturday, August 10th. Watch for more details in the coming weeks.

Golf and Steak Day

We are planning to hold another Golf and Steak Day this fall. We have booked Sunday, September 29th as the day to hold the function. We would go out to Deer Run Golf Course play 12 holes of golf and then come back to the club for a steak BBQ dinner. In the past, we used a shot gun start at 2:00 pm which meant that everyone would tee off at the same time, play their 12 holes and end up back at the club at 5:30 or so to have our meal.

Please print and fill out the form for the Golf and Steak Day (click the link for the form) and return it and your cheque payable to the Lindsay Curling Club on or before September 10th, 2019.



That's all for now, enjoy the summer!!!!!

Dave Nigh