September 2019 Newsletter

Greetings everyone,

It is hard to believe that it is September and that curling is just around the corner. With the coming of September, children will get back into a routine with the return of a new school year. The days are becoming shorter and the trees up north are beginning to show a hint of colour. Yes, our favorite winter past time will be upon us before we know it. In fact, there are only 45 days left until practice week and 51 days until the first rock is thrown in league play. Wow, there is a lot to do before that!! Let’s get started with this month’s newsletter!!

Euchre Party:

On Saturday, August 10th we had 64 card players come to the club to enjoy a night of card playing and fellowship. It was a fun night and all seemed to enjoy themselves. Everyone registered and the games began shortly after 7:00 pm. We played 3 games of euchre then had a short break and played another 3 games before we enjoyed some pizza while the results were tabulated. All in all, we had 9 people win 5 games and the top 4 winners were determined by score differential. In 4th place was Al Goard, 3rd place went to Heather Sisson, 2nd place went to Pat Presley and the 1st place prize went to Ron Gatward. Well done folks!! There was a prize also given to the person who had the most lone hands and that was Valerie Bailey with 4 loners. Thank you to everyone who attended the evening and watch for another opportunity to get together for some cards and fun in early October. More on that later in this newsletter!


Registration will take place at the club on Wednesday, September 11th from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. We will be having a BBQ as well, so come on down and enjoy a burger and register for the upcoming curling season. You can find the 2019/20 registration form by clicking this link. Please feel free to print a copy of the form and drop off your completed form and payment to the club office or on registration night. We are always looking for new members so talk to co-workers, neighbours, friends and relatives and bring them down to the club and get them signed up in one or more of the various leagues we offer. Again this year, is an introductory rate of $200.00 for an unlimited membership. A fantastic rate for new members to take advantage of. Also, new this year, if you are a returning member who benefitted from the introductory rate and are 30 years of age or under your fee for Unlimited Curling is $350.00 for the season.

Please note that we have a registration cut off of October 1st . This will allow the different league convenors time to get their leagues organized and ready to go by the first week of curling which begins on Monday, October 21st .

On Wednesday, October 30th will be our first ladies bonspiel of the year, “The Get Acquainted Spiel”. We would like to thank Jeanette Finney and Ethel Windrem of Ethel & Jeanette's Hairstyling for sponsoring this event again. There will be a signup sheet for this bonspiel at Registration Night. For more information contact Liz Gundy (705-878-4567), Sandra Anderson (705-328-3946) or Susan Ireland (705-639-2708) who will also be present on registration night.

Golf and Steak Day:

We have booked Sunday, September 29th as the day to hold the golf/steak function. We would go out to Deer Run Golf Course play 12 holes of golf and then come back to the club for a steak BBQ dinner. In the past, we used a shot gun start at 2:00 pm which meant that everyone would tee off at the same time, play their 12 holes and end up back at the club at 5:30 or so to have our meal.

Please print and fill out the form for the Golf and Steak Day (click the link for the form) and return it and your cheque payable to the Lindsay Curling Club on or before September 10th, 2019. We have to let the golf course know our numbers plus we also have to do the grocery shopping and order the steaks.

Lindsay Fair Gates:

As you know from previous newsletters the Lindsay Curling Club will be manning the admission gates for yet another year. Probably by now, you would have received a phone call asking for your help during the fall fair ( September 18th – 22nd ). We really appreciate your help for this important fundraiser for the club. Cathy Terry, who has headed up this venture for many years now, has informed me that there will be a “training session” at the club on Monday, September 17th at 7:00 pm. We will be reviewing the use of the cash registers and also the changes that were made for this year to make it an easier for our volunteers. Please plan to attend this training session if you are able to.

As a reminder to all of our volunteers that if, for any reason, you are unable to work your shift please find your own replacement and let June Widdis know as she calls everyone to remind them of their shifts and can reach Cathy to let her know of any changes. Once the Fair begins Cathy is unavailable to find a replacement as she is at the Fair all day long. Thank you again for helping us out at the gates!!

Around the Club:

The infrastructure construction has mostly been completed on Peel Street and they have constructed new sidewalks, curbs and laid down the first coat of paving. Manhole covers and water drain grates have been raised to the present level of paving and now they are completing landscape work as well as general clean-up and adjustments. We have been informed that the construction company anticipates the beginning of the interlocking brick installation to commence at some point this week. Peel Street will be open to traffic in both directions and the main construction has been moved over to Russell Street. It was quite an endeavour and caused inconveniences and some headaches for the business while the work was being completed but now everything seems to be getting put back in place.

We have always had difficulties with a drain that is located in the basement under the club kitchen. For years we have had to call in Laurenson Sewer Service to come in and free up the drain. Last year it was suggested that we have a look at what was causing the blockage as one of these times we may not be able to free up the drain and would create a bigger problem in the middle of the winter. The Board gave approval to have Laurenson in to look at the problem and they discovered that the affected drain, made of cast iron, had decayed over the years and was the root of the blockage. Laurenson replaced the affected drainage pipe and hopefully corrected it and will not have any more problems in the future.

Earlier in the spring we received a letter from the City regarding a Water Systems Cross-Connection Control Program. This program has been developed to protect the City’s drinking water supply from sources of contamination. The program involves identifying cross-connections connected to the City of Kawartha Lakes water distribution system and ensuring that they have adequate premise isolating measures (backflow prevention devices) in place. Once notified, affected property owners will, at their own expense, obtain a qualified person from the “Qualified Persons Registry” to conduct a cross-connection survey of the property in question and send their recommendations to the owner and City.

After survey report was completed we were informed that we had to install two backflow preventors, one on the water main and the other in the plant room water holding tank. As well, a non-testable backflow preventor was to be installed on the new coffee maker. Moving forward the backflow preventors must be tested yearly by a qualified person and once every five years a cross connection survey must be completed and submitted when there is a change to the internal plumbing system or premise use; or as required by the City. This was completed over the summer months and hopefully the end of it with the exception of the yearly test.

As far as the Men’s Locker room is concerned, we met with a representative from a carpet company and selected the carpet that will be used to replace what was taken out. We are now waiting on the company to get back to prepare the floor for the new carpet, then lay the carpet down and put the lockers back into place. It is a slow process and they have been reminded several times that our registration is on September 11th and that we would want it done by then.

In the last newsletter, I mentioned that we were waiting to complete the final phase of the accessibility project. The Board has decided to give that task to MVW Construction. We have met with their representatives and Wilcox Architects Inc. to go over the scope of work for demolition and ramp revision to the playing surface. We have given a target date for completion of the work to be the week of September 23rd as we have to prepare the ice surface for flooding and plant startup on Monday, September 30th. After meeting with MVW construction we have been informed that they will meet our target deadlines and will be starting on Tuesday of this week.

THRIL Card Party:

T.H.R.I.L. is a not-for-profit, registered charity that aims to improve the quality of life for mentally and physically challenged children, youth and adults by providing equine therapy by certified instructors. The founder, Kelly Russell, a LCC member, is a certified CanTRA (Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association) instructor with decades of experience in teaching equine therapy programs and for the Canadian Pony Club in 3 different regions and 2 provinces. She has owned horses since she was a teenager growing up in Toronto and has a passion for providing equine therapy to improve the quality of life for persons with mental, physical and emotional challenges. This passion and dedication led her to the formation of T.H.R.I.L. (Therapeutic Horse Riding in Lindsay), adhere to the strict guidelines to become an accredited member centre of CanTRA and become an incorporated registered charity.

Riders experience the joy and thrill of being on a trained therapy horse, while working on their balance, strength, coordination, spatial awareness and improving their self-confidence, self-esteem, mental processing and communication and socialization skills. T.H.R.I.L.’s aim is to provide quality, certified, insured therapy horseback riding at minimal cost to the participants, with the assistance of donations and discounts from local businesses and volunteers from the community.

Therapeutic riding has been recognized for decades as a unique therapy activity that offers a multitude of benefits not only to the riders but to the volunteers that assist them. It can take up to four volunteers to enable one person to ride. The amazing and often surprising benefits and improvements to the riders that are witnessed by the volunteers, parents and various community program’s support workers, create an incredible feeling of success and well-being for all. Volunteer training has been a great success with sessions showing the volunteers how to groom, tack, and lead the therapy horses, sidewalk with the riders and become an integral part in providing an amazing joyful and extremely successful experience. More volunteers are always needed!

T.H.R.I.L. (Therapeutic Horse Riding in Lindsay) is having a card party at the Lindsay Curling Club on Monday, October 7th beginning at 6:00 p.m. There will be pizza, dessert and pop to begin with and then cards will start at 7:00 p.m. There will be a choice of playing regular euchre or bid euchre. There will be door prizes and cash prizes for game winners. All this for just $25.00. This event is not just for our members but also open to the public. To register click the link for the form. Contact Joan Mercer for more information at 705-878-8971 or email her at .

This sounds like a great cause and a fun evening! Hope to see you there!!


Just think folks, as I mentioned we have only 45 days left before Practice Week and only 51 more days until the first rock of league play.

See you all very, very soon,

Dave Nigh