November 2019 Newsletter

Hello folks,

The 2019/20 curling season is moving along quite nicely. Skips meetings were held, teams were made up, schedules formed and leagues were organized. The season is into its second week and everything is moving along smoothly. We must say "Thank You" to all of our league convenors for organizing their respective leagues. It takes a lot of time and effort to put together the different leagues and we thank them for all of the hours of preparation. There are schedules posted on the bulletin boards and copies of schedules are available to our members.


Thank you again for all that you do to run our various leagues!!

We are also posting our schedules on the Lindsay Curling Club website. If you have not visited our site please do as there is a lot of information. Dave Francis has been busy updating information on our site and we thank him for doing that job again this year!

Below is a list of the Executive Board of Directors for the Lindsay Curling Club. Any concerns or suggestions regarding the Lindsay Curling Club should be forwarded to a member of the board. The Board meets monthly and the minutes of each board meeting will be posted on the bulletin board in the downstairs lounge once they are approved by the Executive Board.

2019-2020 Executive Board: President John McCrae, Vice-President Kim Ross, Past President Wendy Findlay, Secretary Brenda Bonis, Treasurer Katie McLaughlin, Directors: Marg Preston, Nancy McKague, Doug Ross, Dave Farr and Matt English.

Thank you to all of these volunteers who strive to make the Lindsay Curling Club one of the best facilities in the area.

Name Tags:

Some of our members have been inquiring about Lindsay Curling Club name tags. I am presently creating a list of names for those who wish to place an order and buy a name tag. The cost has gone up to $15.40 + HST = $17.40. I'll wait until the end of next week (November 8th) to place the order. If anyone would like to order a name tag please contact the LCC office or call 705-324-3851.

Steak Night:

Friday, November 8th marks our first steak night of the year. The prices remain the same as last year and are as follows: Steak - $20.00, Chicken - $17.50 and Sides Only - $10.00. There is a sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board in the club be sure to sign up for our first steak night of the year. The BBQ will be ready to cook around 5:30 pm!

Thank you to all the volunteers from the Ladies Sections who signed up to help run the evening. Don't worry the other sections such as the Men's, Mixed and even the LCC Board will get their opportunity to sign up to help run this social fundraiser for the club. We depend on our membership to help out on other events that take place over the year and steak night is no different. It is a fundraiser for the club and we need our members to help out to run the four steak nights that we have throughout the year.


Ethel and Jeanette's Get Acquainted Bonspiel:

On October 30th the "Ethel and Jeanette's Get Acquainted Bonspiel" had 48 curlers take place in a fun filled day of curling. The ladies were treated to muffins/snacks and coffee to begin the day and then a nice meal prepared by Dianne's Country Kitchen. The 12 teams had two games and the eventual trophy winner was Anita Allen, Judy MacLean, Donna Paull and Kerry Pomroy. Congratulations ladies! On behalf of the Bonspiel Committee we would like to thank Ethel and Jeanette for their wonderful sponsorship, the curlers, volunteers and all who contributed their time in any way to a very successful day. A good time was had by all!!!!

We need to take the time to thank the organizing committee of Liz Gundy, Sandra Anderson and Sue Ireland who worked extremely hard to fill the bonspiel, decorate, organize and run this opening bonspiel. It was a great start to the new curling season. Thank you ladies!!!!

Epilepsy Awareness Bonspiel:

On Saturday, November 2nd the 6th annual Epilepsy curling fundraiser takes place at our club. Presently, there are 20 teams registered to play in the spiel at a cost of $50.00 per person. The entry fee includes a lunch, dinner, prizes for all and two games. There is an silent auction that takes place throughout the day and all funds raised stay in our community. It is a great cause and the Lindsay Curling Club is pleased to host the spiel for another year.

RTO Bonspiel:

Wednesday, Nov. 6th marks the annual Retired Teachers of Ontario Bonspiel. Jerry Ford is organizing the spiel and has 10 teams, so far, taking part. Coffee is at 9:00 am and the first of two games begins at 9:30 am. Lunch will be served at 12:00 and then the 2nd game will begin approximately 1:15 pm. This spiel is an annual event at our club and we look forward to hosting it again next year.

DeNure's Ladies Bonspiel:

This year the DeNure’s Spiel is scheduled for Wednesday, November 20th. The bonspiel consists of 2 eight-end games, morning treats, a hot lunch and dessert. All this for just $160.00 per team. Closing date for entries is November 15th so do not delay or it may be too late. For more information call Darlene McIntyre (705-324-9339) . Watch for a donation sign-up sheet for a draw basket and a sign up to help out in the ladies lounge. It should be a great day of curling and as always spectators are welcome.

The Patron/President Bonspiel:

This bonspiel is an in-club spiel for all LCC members. It begins on Monday, November 25th and runs again on the 27th and the 28th during the evening. We will be playing 3 six end games over the three days. The sign-up sheet is in the club on the portable bulletin board. Feel free to sign up as a skip, vice, second or lead. Teams will be made up by a blind draw. There will be pizza served on either Wednesday or Thursday night after the 6:45 Draw. There are cash prizes given out to teams of each draw and a trophy presented to the three game winner who has the highest points overall. Wait, here comes the best of all!! It's absolutely free!!! Money for pizza and cash prizes is provided by a cash donation from our President (John McCrae) and this years’ Patron of the Club (Jeanne Blewett ) as well as proceeds from the Share the Wealth Draw. So don't delay, sign up now for the Patron/President Bonspiel it is a great way to meet members from other leagues and to play in a fun three game spiel.


As everyone knows there has been a change to the parking limit in the municipal lot across from the curling club. Last year, people were able to park in that lot for 4 hours or purchase a parking permit and park in the permit designated areas for the entire day. This year the limit has been reduced to 2 hours the same as on the street. After many conversations with the Municipal Law Enforcement Office it appears that there will not be a change to the new 2 hour limit.

We have also spoken to the Community Liaison/Parking Control Officer and an email was sent to the club sharing the changes to the Municipal Parking Lot, the rationale for the change and suggestions for places to park.

Hi, Dave, As per our conversation over the last several days please note the changes to Lot M-1. Municipal Parking Lot M-1 ( across from the Curling Club ), which runs from the Pie Eyed Monk (off Cambridge St N. ) , to behind the Cat and the Fiddle ( at Peel St. ), This Lot now has several rows that have changed from 4- Hour Parking plus Permit parking. To: 2- Hour parking plus Permit parking. About half of the 112 spaces are 2-Hour Parking and the other half Permit Parking. I have spoken to Aaron Sloan the Manager of MLEO. He is aware of your parking issues and not having your own parking lot for members and guests. He states that the 2- hour parking was created to assist with the flow and availability to the Public in this Municipal Parking Lot.

All other Municipal parking lots remain the same as in the past. 4 – Hour Parking per day and Permit Parking. Except the Library which has always been 2- Hours

The BIA cannot suggest any private parking areas


The downtown core is 2- Hour Parking on the Streets

Victoria Ave N. - North of Peel St.- has several spaces that are 12 – Hour Parking. Wellington St. – North of the curling club has several spaces.

Community Liaison/ Parking Control Officer

The Board has discussed our parking issues many times since the removal of the street parking meters and the pay and display meter in the lot across from the club several years ago. It looks as if we have no other choice except to comply for now. It has been suggested that we should attend a council meeting to voice our concerns. Some of our members have spoken to our local Ward Councillors, however, it all boils down to the fact that we do not have our own parking lot. I know that people are frustrated with this change and it will mean being dropped off at the club, carpooling and/or walking from one of the above mentioned lots. It isn’t the answer we would like but we may have to live with it for now.

Concussion Prevention and Rowan’s Law:

Rowan Stringer, a high school rugby player from Ottawa, Ontario, passed away in 2013 from ‘Sudden Impact Syndrome’ due to multiple concussions suffered within a short period of time. A coroner’s inquest into her death resulted in 49 recommendations to be implemented in an effort to prevent another tragedy such as this happening in the future. Rowan’s Law, passed unanimously at the Ontario Legislature on June 7, 2016. Parts of the Legislation came into effect in 2018 (Awareness Day) and on July 1, 2019 – Mandatory Concussion Awareness training for all sport organizations (including Curling Centres) became law.

The Rowan’s Law concussion awareness, as mentioned above, came into effect on July 1, 2019. After that date, sport organizations must not register athletes under 26 years of age into a sport activity unless they, as well as their parent (for athletes under 18), provide confirmation that they have reviewed one of the Concussion Awareness Resources within the previous twelve months. Sport organizations must also not allow coaches, team trainers of the sport organization unless they provide confirmation that they have reviewed one of the Concussion Awareness Resources, every year. The Government of Ontario concussion awareness resource e-booklet will help you learn more about concussions so that you can keep yourself and others active and safe – whether you are an athlete, student., parent, coach, official or educator.

The Lindsay Curling Club is striving to become compliant with this new legislation. Our Youth Coordinator and helpers have reviewed the resources and signed a form acknowledging that they have fully reviewed and commit to this Concussion Code of Conduct. Our parents and/or guardians of our youth curlers have been made aware of and had the opportunity to review the concussion resources and signed a form acknowledging this has been completed. All of these forms have been collected by our youth coordinator and are filed and readily available if required.

Adult LCC members under the age of 26 need to review the resource e-booklet and will have to sign the acknowledgement form. These forms will be kept on file in the office. To review any or all of the Resource E-Booklets click the appropriate link - Ages 10 and Under, Ages 11 – 14 or Ages 15 and Up. To obtain the acknowledgement forms click the appropriate link – Athlete Code of Conduct (18 years and under) or Rowan’s Law Acknowledgement Form (Under 26 years of age). We will be following up with our members who fall under the category of under 26 years of age to collect the Acknowledgement Forms and ensure that you have reviewed the appropriate e-booklet.

The Lindsay Curling Club is presently preparing a Concussion Protocol – Removal and Return to Play form that will come into effect on July 1, 2020. We are attempting to be pro-active on concussion prevention and the safe sport implementation for all of our curling members.

Euchre Tournament:

On Saturday, November 23rd the Lindsay Curling Club is holding another “Progressive Euchre Tournament”. We are hoping to get 80 people signed up for the event. Admission is $15.00 per person which will include six games of euchre, pizza, cash door prizes and cash prizes for the top 4 players and the player with the most lone hands. Registration will be at 6:30 pm and the games will begin at 7:00 pm. Watch for a sign-up sheet in the main floor lounge. Sounds like a fun evening!!


Well that's all for now,

Dave Nigh