December 2019 Newsletter

Greetings everyone,

Twenty-four days until Christmas!! People are busy shopping, wrapping gifts, baking Christmas goodies and planning family gatherings. It's one of my most favourite times of the year (Next to the start of the curling season)!!!! Many thanks to Audrey and Denis Johnston, Bernice Zigomanis and Hermine Flynn for making the club so festive looking. Thank you, also, to Jan Robinson for donating another Christmas tree to the club. We must also “Thank” Linda and Barry Matson who for many, many years helped with the decoration duties. We appreciate all of your efforts!!

Curling will continue right up to Friday, December 22nd. There will be a break over the Christmas holidays and Mark has planned to do a flood in preparation for the new year. Regular league curling will start up again on Monday the 6th of January.

On Saturday, January 4th there is a Special Olympics Qualifier being held at the club and I am sure that Finni Verbik, the convenor for that program, will be approaching our members for some help during that day. On Sunday, January 5th our youth program will continue and I know that Diana Rogers, our youth coordinator, is looking for volunteers to assist with the Sunday Youth program as well as the two Youth Bonspiels in January and February. Both programs are an important part of what takes place at our club and requires the support of our membership. If you are avaliable to assist with either or both events please contact Finni and/or Diana.

Revised Boot Policy:

For the first time last year we attempted to put into place an outdoor boot policy. We bought boot trays and had a bench put at the front entrance to provide a place to sit and change outdoor footwear into slippers or indoor shoes. Our membership bought in right away. Mark noticed almost immediately the amount debris that was track onto the ice had decreased dramatically. That was the intent of the policy to reduce the amount of debris that was taken out on our playing surface. Of course, as one issue is dealt with another surfaces. What to do with the multitude of boots at the front entrance??

Having all the boots at the front has created other problems. It has become a trip hazard as curlers come and go to curl. The number of boots is overwhelming and it is not aesthetically pleasing. The front entrance is the focal point when you first enter the club and with boots scattered here and there leaves a guest wondering what are they doing or thinking?? Last but certainly not least, since our club has become fully accessible a number of our members use the lift quite regularly and boots are blocking the entrance to the lift and the door cannot open fully. What to do? What to do??

It has been suggested that boots must be on a tray. We have purchased several boot trays and placed them strategically in the locker rooms of both women and men. Mats have been placed in the locker rooms as well. When you come into the club, please remove your winter boots as you have been doing. If there is room on a boot tray place them neatly there. If there is not space please carry your boots to the locker room and place them on one of the many trays or mats that are avaliable. It isn’t a perfect fix but it should reduce the number of footwear that is in the front entrance, reduce the risk of a fall and also allow members to use the lift on a regular basis. It is a work in progress and we will get it right but there will be some growing pains. Please work with us on this policy. We have seen the results of our efforts on our playing surface and the ultimate goal is to provide to you, our members, and guests to our club the very best facility that we can. Thank you for your cooperation.

Steak Night:

Mark Friday, December 13th on your calendar as it is our next Steak Night fundraiser. The Men's Section is working that evening and we will be looking for volunteers to help out with setting up for the day, starting and running the BBQ, helping in the kitchen preparing and serving the food and as well as washing up the dishes. There will be volunteers signup sheet being passed around the next week or two and please sign up to help as we are expecting a large crowd. The BBQ will be ready to cook on by 5:30 pm. Signup for steak night is located on the main floor.


DeNure Bonspiel: Report prepared by Darlene McIntyre

Our annual DeNure Tours Bonspiel was held November 20 with teams from Lakefield, Cobourg, Ennismore, Bobcaygeon, Oakwood, along with 8 of our own club teams participating. Audrey Johnson and her committee provided a beautiful seasonal backdrop to the event with the lovely Christmas decor. Many thanks Audrey and team! Thanks for the hard work of many volunteers and donors among our members who ensured the success of the Bonspiel. The trophy winner was the Lakefield team of Carol Kidd, Susan Sayer, Deb Wiltshire, Darlene Hochaday who had the highest overall score for the two draws. Congratulations are also in order to the team of Mary Auld, Diana Rogers, Arlene, Doris Chidley who finished in first place in the early draw. Our club members outdid themselves with donations to our draw baskets, which were a huge hit with the visiting curlers who won them. Great job, ladies!

Patron President Bonspiel:

Twelve teams participated in this years’ Patron President Bonspiel. Forty-eight curlers from the Lindsay Curling Club took part in this annual "in-club" bonspiel. Pizza was served on Wednesday and on Thursday night cash prizes were handed out to the winners.

This bonspiel is sponsored by this years’ Patron, Jeanne Blewett and our President, John McCrae as well as money collected from our weekly ”Share the Wealth” draw. The teams are made up of men and women from the various sections of our club and they competed together over the three evenings. It is an unique bonspiel as often members are curling together for the first time and in some cases, meeting each other for the first time as well. Our overall three game high winner (Patron Winner) was the team skipped by Rick Jokinen, David Harding Keith Anderson, and Doug Ross . The President's winner was Ryan Miles (Skip), Ian Walker, Kevin McCartney and John Baldry. Congratulations to these top two three games winners.

Participation was down this year and we may have to look at an alternative “in club” spiel to run next year. One idea was to have a look at running a “Doubles Spiel” over the three evenings. The game is faster and would not require a full two hours and we could take advantage of the coins that Mark has placed in the ice specifically for Doubles play. Another suggestion is to cancel all curling during the week of the Patron President both daytime and evening. That way people would not be playing two games in a day and avoid four or even five consecutive games over a five day period. I’m not sure what the answer is but we will definitely have to look at changing it up for next year.

OCA Events:

On November 29, 30th and Dec. 1st the club hosted the U21 Women’s and Men’s Challenge Round and as well the Master Men’s Qualifier #3. In total there were 28 teams looking to advance to the next level. Many of the 19 teams competing in the U21 Challenge Round travelled along way to play in their event. There were teams from St. Catharines, Navan, Parry Sound, Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club, Dixie, High Park, Hamilton, Ilderton, Alexandria, Dundas Valley, Rideau, and Minden. They put on quite a display of curling and it is awesome to watch these young curlers play. The eventual winners of the Women’s Challenge were Team Steele of Port Perry Curling Club and Team Thorne of the Rideau Curling Club. On the Men’s side the winning teams were Team Rooney of Alexandria Curling Club and Team Purdy of Cataraqui Golf & Curling Club. Good luck at the Provincials!!

In the Master’s event there were 9 teams competing to move on the provincial qualifier being held this year at Unionville Curling Club. The four advancing teams were Team Norton from Oshawa Curling Club, Team Roblin from Donalda Curling Club, Team Avlonitis from Lakefield Curling Club and Team Nigh (Jim Scott, Dan Reynolds and Henry Jetten) from Lindsay Curling Club. These four teams will travel to the Unionville Curling Club (December 13 -15) with hopes of advancing to the Masters Provincial at the Midland Curling Club in January.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time over the weekend. Deb Hatch and Kim Ross organized the kitchen with Wendy Findlay lending a helping hand to provide meals for the participating teams and spectators. Our OCA reps. John Baldry and Cathy Terry gave up their weekend to officiate at the event. Thank you to Bill Rourke and Katie McLaughlin who also helped out with officiating duties. Thank you to Anthony Jetten who ran the bar all weekend long. Finally we cannot forget to thank Mark and Nathan for the fabulous ice conditions.

Coming up on December 11th – 13th our club is hosting the Ontario Grand Masters competition. We have two Lindsay teams participating in the event and we would like to wish Don Huff, Dave Needham, John Flood, Ralph Mutton and Don Harris (Sparing for Don Huff) , as well as, Jim O’Reilly, and his rink of John Baldry and Jan Mikkelsen. All the best as they compete in this event with hopes of advancing to the Provincials at the Thornhill Club later this season.


That's about all for now. Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!!!!

Dave Nigh