July 2020 Newsletter

Hello everyone, Happy Canada Day!!!

Hope all are safe and doing well. The province is slowly beginning to move forward through the reopening phases, however, we are nowhere near being back to normal. Who knows, we may never get back to what it was like before COVID 19 disrupted our lives. We are all waiting for guidelines from both the Provincial Government and the Ontario Curling Association (OCA) on what the coming season may look like.

The OCA sent out an email informing curling clubs that they have received a first draft of the guidelines with regard to “Return to Play”. They are reviewing the draft in cooperation with all other Member Associations, Curling Canada and a panel of Club Managers. They said that the next step is to complete the document and present it to Health officials for comments. Once completed the guidelines will be released to the general public for implementation and a series of webinars will be scheduled to help train and work with member clubs on compliance.

At this point we are waiting to hear what we can and cannot do. As far as our Annual General Meeting, which normally is held in June, has been postponed until further notice. Katie McLaughlin, our club treasurer, has taken our books into Baker Tilly for review and financial statements are being prepared. As far as registration is concerned it is also on hold for now until we get the guidelines for return to play. As soon as we are given some direction we will pass on the information to our membership.

At the club some painting has been done to freshen up it’s appearance. The main floor lounge area had been painted a few years ago but had some spots that needed attention. We repaired the “dings” and painted where needed. The upper lounge and bar area had not been done for several years and the walls and trim were prepped and painted. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do and it certainly looks neater. Thanks to Jim Scott for helping me with the painting project!

I know many of you have been wondering what will be happening this coming curling season. Believe me when I say that we all are anxiously awaiting direction from the Province and the Ontario Curling Association. Until that takes place we can only be patient and wait to see what guidelines will allow us to do.

That’s all for now……enjoy your summer!!

Dave Nigh