December 2020 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

Please Note: CurlOn has delayed entering data for QR codes until Tuesday, December 8th. Members will not receive their QR Code until after that date. Be patient!!!

It is hard to believe that another month has gone by. In November you would have received an email from Kim Ross, our Club President, stating that the club will be open for a 17 week season beginning on January 4th and running to the end of April. Since then, we have been working extremely hard to get the club ready to open. Registration was extended until the end of November and the convenors have been busy calling members from last year that we have not heard from to see if they were comfortable in returning to curling for this season.

With everything that has been happening with the COVID pandemic it certainly will be an unprecedented year. All of our leagues will be operating but with reduced numbers. The convenors have had the challenging task of putting together modified schedules for their leagues. I would like to recognize these individuals and on behalf of the club and “Thank’ them for their time and effort. Here is a list of all our convenors….

Monday and Thursday Day WomenMarg Preston, Allison Chenier, Nancy McKague and Penny Kuhne
Monday Night MenMatt English
Tuesday Ladies Skip EntryJan Robinson and Marj Smith
Tuesday Evening WomenBrenda Bonis, Kathy Simpson and Lynda Demerse
Inter-Club CompetitiveJim Scott
Senior Day Curling and Senior Inter-ClubDoug Murray
Thursday Night Skip EntryWendy Findlay and Luanne Rae
Friday Curl and DineJohn McCrae, Jerry Ford and John Baldry
Friday Social MixedDeanna Keeler
Youth CurlingDiana Rogers and Mike Smith

I hope that I haven't forgotten anyone and I apologize if I have. The next time you see these folks please thank them for their dedication, time and effort.

Copies of the schedules will be posted at the club and also on our Club Website in the “Members Section”. Dave Francis has been busy updating information on our site and as requested by the Board has set up a Members-Only Login Page. Directions to set up your personal password which will enable you to log in to this section have been sent out in a previous email. We thank Dave for working on the website and also the additional work of setting up the members only login page.

Before actual league play begins in January it has been suggested that there be some sort of a practice time set up where members can come to the club and get their “ice legs” back before starting league play. We are looking at a practice time from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and then again from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Monday, December 28 through to Thursday, December 31st .

Unfortunately, we cannot have a practice week like we normally do where members come to the club en masse and throw rocks. This year you will have to book a ½ hour time slot as we are only going to allow 12 curlers on the ice at a time. There will be rocks at both ends of the sheets and 2 people per sheet will throw rocks for 20 to 25 minutes. At the end of their practice time the member practicing will be required to sanitize the rock handles with sanitizing wipes and leave the ice before the next group is able to enter the ice shed. Members will be able to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time, scan in, and then be directed to where they can change into their curling shoes and wait to go onto the ice. It isn’t a perfect situation but to maintain physical distancing while practicing, it is something we have to do this year. An email was sent out earlier this week explaining the sign up process for Practice Week.

Our Return to Curling Ad Hoc committee has been busy working on what curling will look like this year and an outline of recommendations was sent out in an email near the end of the summer. We thought that we should revisit these recommendations as a reminder for when we do start in January.


As a Lindsay Curling Club member for the 2020-2021 season the above items outline the processes in place to comply with Covid-19 guidelines. We ask that each member review these and apply them in all circumstances. Convenors are being asked to monitor all protocols and remind members to comply: please support them in this endeavor and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Board of Directors. These decisions have been made by the Board of Directors based on information from the HKPR Health Unit, CurlOn and recommendations from the Ad Hoc Covid-19 “Return to Play” committee.

Speaking of which, we need to thank the following people who have spent a lot of time going over the guidelines provided by HKPR Health Unit, Curling Canada and CurlON to get to this point. There were many meetings throughout the summer and into the fall providing recommendations to the Board of Directors on returning to curl this season. Thank you to John McCrae, Kim Ross, Nancy McKague, Marg Preston, John Baldry, Keith Olan and Jim Scott for sitting on this committee and volunteering their time and effort over the last 5 or 6 months. It has taken a lot of work and many difficult decisions were made and we do thank you for what you have done for our club.

It has been an unusual year and another group of folks need to be recognized as well. Normally, our Annual General Meeting is held in the month of June, however, this year because of the shutdown in Mid-March due to the pandemic our AGM was not held until October. Here we heard several reports from our treasurer, Katie McLaughlin, a managers’ report from yours truly and then reports from the various sections. John McCrae gave his last President’s address and thanked the outgoing Board of Directors Wendy Findlay, Marg Preston, Nancy McKague and Doug Ross for their service over the past year(s). We thank them all for the time they spent on the Board.

John then welcomed Deb Hatch, Linda Shier, Jan Mikkelsen and Josh Webster who will be acting as Directors for the coming 2020/2021 season. Brenda Bonis, Katie McLaughlin, Dave Farr are returning to the Board of Directors for another season and Matt English was introduced as our Vice President. Incoming President Kim Ross presented John with his 3rd and last President’s Pin (according to John) and then addressed the membership. Thank you to these volunteers who will be acting on your behalf for at least the next year.

That is about it for now. Remember that Practice Week will be from Monday, December 28th to Thursday, December 31st and you have to book a time to practice. In closing, I hope that everyone has a safe and well-earned Christmas Holiday and as well a Happy New Year!!

Dave Nigh