As we cannot have a “Registration Day” like we normally do, individuals will have to register by choosing one of the following options…

To register you will need to complete all applicable forms….

Adult and Youth:
Registration Form PDF DOC
Declaration of Compliance PDF DOC
Release of Liability PDF DOC
Youth Registration only
Informed Consent PDF DOC
Concussion: Code of Conduct PDF DOC
Curlers Under 26 Years
Concussion Awareness Acknowledgment PDF DOC

Note that all must be completed by the end of October.

Method of Electronic Payment:

Our treasurer, Katie McLaughlin, has set up a direct payment for fees with our TD Canada Trust bank. Follow these directions for an e-transfer payment.

How-To: Send money with Interac e-Transfer

Sending an e-Transfer will look slightly different depending on your financial institution, but should be fairly straight forward.
  1. Log into your online or mobile banking app and select the account.
  2. Choose or add your recipient’s email:
  3. Enter the amount to send.
  4. In the Message Box – please include your Full Name
  5. Click Send. Please note, it will not prompt you to enter a security question as the Curling Club is set up for auto deposit.

For specific instructions for your bank, you can Google – “How to send an e-transfer with <Bank Name>”. (Insert your bank into “Bank Name”). This will bring up specific instructions for your bank as each bank will vary slightly.